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Thursday, February 19, 2015

What are some Natural Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor's ? ("True" Natural SSRI's)

While I can appreciate some of the well-put articles on and other similar blogging sites , I have to disagree with misinformation and inaccurate subtitles.

A lot of times people see an herb involved in a small study / sample, and immediately skim through the sentences and context of the study to see "boosts serotonin" - but this does not necessarily equate to being a "natural serotonin reuptake inhibitor"(1).

You see, inhibiting serotonin reuptake is the same as saying "INHIBIT THE SEROTONIN TRANSPORTER" or inhibit "SERT" ; which stands for serotonin transporter(2).

Thus, a REAL, "true" natural SSRI would be something proven to inhibit SERT with an affinity (and efficacy) for *human* SERT proteins.

Here's one, it's called KANNA ROOT or it's plant name ; Sceletium tortuosum.
    {click image to go to study and get better view}

As a natural SSRI though, many times kanna is over-marketed and as such - poor quality extracts are found abroad ----- the product below , "GABATrol" has helped me in more than a couple ways, and I find it to be a crude, powerful extract of kanna which did actually elevate serotonin in blood work. 

So unlike other similar products, it seems to be a trustable patented "gem"...even though kanna is not the only ingredient in the formula, it's the only ingredient in it that raises serotonin by any appreciable concentration....

The second, and much more complicated natural SSRI - is called  ST.JOHN'S Wort; the reason its complicated, and even a bit sketchy - is because the serotonin uptake inhibiting properties depend on the HYPERFORIN content and amount, which varies from batch to batch and product to you'd want a  HYPERFORIN standardized extract or even more preferably, pure hyperforin , which is listed below.

It's an expensive "pharmaceutical grade", over the counter anti-depressant with additional immunity boosting and anti-bacterial effects , one of the few over the counter supplements that can run very close to a "panacea".
Though it's not cheap, at least you know you are getting serotonin reuptake inhibiting component and not at varying undefined amounts as with herbal extracts.


The study is also posted below.

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