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Saturday, February 21, 2015

PGCL-OA & "Optimized" Analogues of PGF2A / PGCL = Extreme Anabolic Potential & Powerful Fat Burner w/Minimal Adverse Effects

This article has been exclusively written for TrueLIFE Research - and to foster further progress within research of PGF2A & other prostaglandin based compounds.

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                                           ! Overview !
PGCL-OA even goes beyond ordinary PGCL (which is optimized in itself) - in that it has a much longer half life and more stability, allowing for significant, sustainable myotrophic effects and it also induces APOPTOSIS of FAT CELLS (in laymans's terms, in essence, KILLS FAT CELLS!!!).
TeamTLR's optimized PGCL~ compound, PGCL-OA [OA = Optimized Analogue], is a proprietary, ultra-potent, stable, and feasible Cloprostenol(PGCL) type compound - a form of a derivative of the naturally occurring prostaglandin PGF2A; PGCL-OA is optimized to provide superior benefits toward anabolism and lipolysis within enhancements that entail an extension of the half life to that of ~8 hours (PGCL/PGF2a both have very short half-lives) and roughly 50x the potency of the original PGF2A. 

It demonstrates strong anabolic and lipolytic effects; far superior to it's predecessors and is a valuable tool in anabolic research and research relating to myotropic compounds, as well as to that comprising obesity and lypolysis/fat burning directives.

It is prostaglandin based and thus not related to any steroid hormone - nevertheless, it's potential and validity in reviewing eicosanoid type pathways is set to be under the scope closely - as it presents a novel mechanism in myocellular modulation of a magnitude not previously seen.

A lesson from another class Of Central Hormones


In a book called the "The Zone Diet", Dr.Barry Sears elaborates on the importance of a set of fatty-acid based hormones dubbed "Eicosanoids" - which includes prostaglandins...

They are described as having immense effects  on not only fat metabolism, but oxygen delivery, vascular health and muscle growth and metabolism. He states that the key to reaching "the zone"; a state of anabolic and euphoric homeostasis within the body and mind - is to use a specific macro-nutrient balance that also includes special emphasis on supporting prostaglandin production by means of introducing or balancing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in proper proportion.

Interestingly , the science does* back up some of what he sais(!), not only in terms of the significance of prostaglandins , but in reflection , there are drugs made from prostaglandins that have diverse utility in the treatment of multiple diseases and disorders; ranging from glaucoma(!), platelet aggregation/atherosclerosis to high blood pressure, to obesity to erectile dysfunction(!) (!) (!) (!)....

However, in terms of anabolic activity and in overall reliability on purely dietary methods of altering Prostaglandins, it is much more complicated and there are a few set backs , so to speak, in for next developments.

The reliability of using diet to specifically match up to the direct medical use of prostaglandins, or for athletic performance enhancement - OFTEN  falls very short of impressive....

The reason is because not everyone is capable of producing the same net amount of prostaglandins, and something as simple as taking aspirin or other NSAIDs can short out the production of prostaglandins significantly!

Thus, it is much more plausible and effective to introduce a synthetic prostaglandin, specifically one altered to have a longer-half-life and proper uptake into the intended muscle or organ.

This would ensure anabolic effects and proper utilization, and would bypass the need for all other factors to be orchestrated properly amongst miscellaneous biological pathways, some of which are debatable and so are the methods stating to "set their pace".

This all leads me to the main headline of this discussion.
"Optimized" PGF-2-Alpha : The Ultimate Candidate  for Anabolism and Fat Loss?

Of all the prostaglandins, and intermediates, one can be said that this one holds the most "anabolic leverage" - and may correspond directly to nitric oxide elevation far greater than even the most "extreme" N.O products on the market(!).

Additionally, this one in particular has complex rejuvenative effects on muscle tissue fibers, mediated through a unique pathway { NFATC2 } - which is a "nuclear factor" involved in cell growth - and thus these effects are both independent and additive of testosterone, growth hormone and other "muscle building hormones"(!) (!).

:"Optimized" Analogues have minimal Adverse Effects & Are Ideal in Scientific Applications:

Due to sustained action and core chemical modifications, an optimized analogue such as the one presented at the beginning of this article - is ideal for research use in respect of test subjects (QOL-scores) and may be a representation of valid and unique compounds - aside from those usually discussed (HGH, Test-E) and how they may provide new insight by simply altering the analogue a bit.

We can come from a window of opportunity, to a shining ray of light simply by "re-inventing the invention" , and with that, this unique analogue - PGCL-OA; a totally optimized and a largely side-effect free version of the PGF-2A derivative PGCL - it is a development worth taking interest to - and offers benefits and advantages not seen with the original compound...

Anything you can do to lower the strain of testing, yet still get the message across - is a valid investment and accelerates developments in that particular field. 

With amazing new developments and a recurring interest in neurobiological targets and anabolic research, it's specialized compounds such as PGCL-OA that will likely phase in the next big breakthrough.

PGCL-OA even goes beyond ordinary PGCL (which is optimized in itself) - in that it has a much longer half life and more stability, allowing for significant, sustainable myotrophic effects and it also induces APOPTOSIS of FAT CELLS.

That's usually a first in the eyes of science, because most fat burners are about "mobilizing" fat cells or altering adrenaline levels; which tends to produce more unwanted effects!

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  1. Does anyone have a review of this product? (Personal log, affects, side effects, lab work, etc.)


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