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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Strength can Not be Defined, Weakness is Not Always Blind, but Analysis must be Refined

The irony of weakness, is as same as the paradox of success, and at times, the definition of winning is parallel to the concepts embraced while losing.

What do we gain when we lose? Even if not right away, we gain experience. We often gain insight, after the dramatic/strong emotions run their presence.  When we "win" - providing we worked hard to win it, as in competition, we often afterwards, look over all the times of training or steps leading to the win - right after we absorb the great moments of uplifting vibes and the applause by little or large groups of people who may have witnessed the win.

So whether we lose or win - there is always that parallel, both cause us to look over things leading up to - just often with a different emotion at heart...the same can be said at winning the attention of another - that we either grasp because we know or because we don't know - or don't apply. 

Losing and winning are such vague and yet broad subjects, we can't always generalize - but we can see that the rarity of winning and the acceptability of losing both instill analysis (even subtle) in our minds/hearts...

The definition of winning is when everything worked in collaboration to emerge with the astound of our success - and the concepts embraced while losing is the originating analysis and all of what we learned along the way  - causing us to question how are these similar?

Again, in both instances we are analyzing , even if not immediately, the steps that may have led up into that point. The reason there is a parallel, is because the definition of winning is adjacent to what we looked over while in progress, even while losing..they may be different roads but they all share the same tracks, so the message is along the way, no matter what the end result is.

You all have a gift, you all have seen and have some sort of grip of what your own abilities are - you all invision a day when you can apply these abilities , perhaps in a setting where you imagine yourself to dwell as a victor, but never can logically see yourself in that setting. 

You see, because many of you invision success without seeing the steps in between - but what's interesting, is just because you don't see the steps in between in the initial imagining, doesn't mean they aren't there - and perhaps you are...just looking over them?

I'm giving you the chance to understand yourself - if you are reading this, I believe in your abilities and what you can unlock - I believe in any sort of ego you have as a one-way trip to success - I believe that we all at times reject humility - but there's even many times and many places for some sort of assured ego - even if other's think it's crazy.....but let's not give just anyone a piece of ourselves unless it directly relates to or is on the path to our own victory. 

Productive society becomes so when new ideas emerge, but it also comes from understanding the basic principles .....and from understanding that.

A.)  Strength can not, and will never be defined.
B.) Weakness is not always weakness, and not always blind.
C.) Our current analysis must be refined in order to meet success.

A.) Strength can not, and will never be defined.

Before understanding your own strengths, remember this...

Most of your strengths can certainly become weaknesses, and if not that, then they can allude to your weaknesses; which is why your weaknesses should be shown in certain* circumstances, and only to people who you cherish, have studied thoroughly* or otherwise can trust assuredly.
  Thorough is defined by situation, not by some law or code, or guideline that tells what you what thorough is - thorough can never be universally the same - thorough is when you analyze to meet the criteria of a separate objective - and the analysis is custom tailored by you , for Your objective, therefore to obtain and / or defeat. Thorough is beyond self-discipline, thorough is rigorous adaptation to each separate situation , and seeing the worst and the best for each situation - but with emphasis on concluding what you deem fair or reasonable, STILL ALIGNED WITH YOUR OBJECTIVES.

Strength is not just a trait, but a potential - your strengths are what move you forward, they allow you to leap, and they are emanated from every ounce of your personality - they are what gives you spirit and what sets you apart from other people. Strength is what gets caught between others teeth , and in the fluttering of the thoughts of others when they speak about you, or remember you, respectively.  Strength as a whole can not be defined - because strength is constantly growing - leading us each to our individual destiny...strength is constantly making changes FOR US - strength is that part of us that emerges to prioritize the necessities and line them up in honor of what we believe in, and what we have learned. Strength is individual, but constantly transforming , not just transforming us, but transforming our minds - and bringing our goals and dreams to life.

Strength is reflected by the fragment's of our past - and strength has it's own life force - appearing without a shadow of a doubt - when we desire something - but strength is only submerged when we no longer believe in it.....the most successful people are those who REFUSE to SUBMERGE their strength, the most successful people tone their strength and keep on upgrading it until its evident that they are RELENTLESS, and believe in their strength so whole-heartedly that they aren't willing to let it succumb to another's benefit.

True strength may hold these traits, but it isn't defined by them, because strength can not be defined. However, it is outlined...outlined by perseverance, no matter what subject matter, no matter what venue of interest, strength emerges when people turn that strength into an ever-growing fire of belief, when strength is not advantageous, but instilled because of utter belief - it becomes contagious, it becomes innovative - it becomes the tears in people's eyes, how one can marvel, that one human willpower is able to do so much in so little time....

Merely because they believe, no matter how stupid it sounds to others, because definition doesn't need to be given, and strength doesn't need to be scripted, strength recruits the means vital to success


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