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Friday, February 20, 2015

Natural VS Pharmaceutical Aromatase Inhibitors (AI's) ; A Comparison

Certainly, messing around with odds while on cycle, or on testosterone replacement therapy, is a very risky and foolish "shot in the dark"  - ESPECIALLY when it has to do with the delicate balance of  E2 ; Estradiol/Estrogen Men, an excess of estrogen can easily diminish the benefits of testosterone replacement, and even for those who aren't hypogonadal, excess estrogen can hinder the functionality of testosterone.

Conversely, low E2 can cause problems with joints and lipid profiles, as well as blood pressure issues and possible depression/apathy.

In either case, for us to make an accurate assessment - we have to know the specifics of the variety of tools of available to us. Natural aromatase inhibitors are either very effective, or very, VERY sketchy. 

In fact, there's very few "natural AI's" (out of hundreds available) that I've found to actually reduce E2 in blood work...and with some of these formula's constantly's hard to know what to think sometimes...

However the bigger issue with natural AI's , is dependability and significance in ratio with the problem....assume excessive estrogen is an issue - natural AI's can be helpful, but likely won't remedy a "true" estrogen problem, especially where hormone replacement therapies are involved.

Additionally, the half-lives of most natural aromatase inhibitors are very poor in comparison to their synthetic counterparts, therefore, a consistent degree of modulation would become even trickier, and more inconvenient....

The average bear may also not feel like taking a set amount of pills several times a day....especially when the ingredients are questionable and most of these pills don't contain a certificate of analysis to verify purity and consistency in the proposed "AI Component".

You also have to differentiate and isolate the ingredients in most cases, figuring out which part of the proprietary blends are doing most of the work...this is considerable hardship and can be extremely frustrating.

With pills like "ADEX" - or arimidex, you get a solid functionality and guaranteed reduction in E2 , without worrying about purity or the evidence of multiple ingredients and their possible interactions and questionability of long-term safety profiles.

Now I'm not saying that natural AI's don't work - I'm simply saying that for more severe estrogen issues - they can be unpredictable...if you  are simply looking to drop estrogen a few points, then adding some natural AI's may be beneficial, especially while on a "CUT". 

I don't recommend natural AI's for well-defined and diagnosed E2 issues of moderate-high severity. I also urge you to thoroughly research the capacity of any natural AI's, sifting through bro-science and sho-science can be very annoying....


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