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Thursday, October 8, 2015

A.E.S - Alien Endeavor Syndrome

I was once described as pursuing 'non-human'endeavors... rather attributed with the innovations of it's tactical definition. I often had an imagination that would spur up some fascinating conversations..yet as I child these things were of a different emotion then they are they are just work. But...passionate instances of my work - they still imbue me with power I have seen myself replicating as a Child.

                                            A . E . S

Remember it - because when it becomes mainstream - you'll be hearing A LOT OF IT!

            NOTE : This is a hypothetical/theoretical definition for a term yet to be defined - this is simply Innovation & Output.

An A.E.S is a molding of entities; it is the process of objective-oriented thinking which utilizes multiple 'bridges' as a means for progress; these bridges include unlikey candidates to be seen as 'subjects to transform' - people who have been lost in darkness one way or another are now subjects to be recreated. Then these same individuals are utilized for their functional insights; and as a peak collaborator of 'added' power to my soul. The commander of SP - he in whom holds the secrets of the ancients gains access to the core partitions - and consumes the energy ((dark or light)) of these forgotten which time the man of perfection utilizes these energies to build his final biological platform  - in which now becomes the 'true' supplement to my existence - no longer just food or herbs; but now . Through spiritual power I consume the encoding of each person and use it to envelop my 'final energy' - obtaining absolute perfection by proxy. Once I gain my title back by consuming the energies of exactly 8 strung out individuals; I will then be able to gain a final immunity to those who claim to be 'justified' - allowing me to ascend to my throne and gain power over all.

NOTE : This is in a poetic sense; a reflection of a personna of whom can be alternatively nicknamed in their 'style' - and thus does not reflect MY actual thoughts but rather the attempted 'deliverance' of those who use a distorted version of the original motto.

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