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Saturday, October 10, 2015

{Area-1255's} Official Urban Dictionary (Alternative Dictionary Including Spiritual, ProtoPolitical Terms)

This database aims to elucidate some terms, phrases and Jargon that either aren't listed in the classical Urban Dictionary or are incorrect. Synonym's for urban terms and dynamic terms will be added at a later point.

NOTE : Use the CTRL (Control) + F function to "Find" certain terms; that means hold CTRL and then hit letter F; a search bar will pop up in your browser and then type in your term or letter to find what you are looking will be organized as alphabetical, eventually, though.


Sniveling Fool†       : a whining idiot or someone who doesn't have the balls to follow through with an asserted action; a coward; a member of or temporary participant in high organized Crime or in certain cliques whom is regarded as the 'weakest' link only used for their resources or 'disposable'.
∂ sniv-ElinG :: fØØL

¤¤ Indoctrinated Bastard ¤ - DEFINITION : A man who's views are biased based on their indoctrination. 

URBAN/MODERN Summary : A fool who has risen up without fully understanding what or whom they fight for or in who's views are based only on their upbringing and who they have been exposed to; A narrow-minded individual; who's mind is narrow and to whom is also 'set in their ways'.

Psychodynamic Bastardry ♦♦ - The pathological need to be ignorant persistently; a suitable term for those who seem to always have something to say and can be expected to make unnecessary, out of place, untimely rude & ignorant commentary. 

In da Town (Jail / Prison Term) ; a common NY phrase used in Prison's to describe the main lobby/Cafe or in some cases, the yard where in the Court and some times in reference to locations where underground 'communications' take place.

On the DL : On the down-low; kept secret, not for others to know, a common preceding to sharing rumors about various members of society or in Prison where one would refer to charges of fellow Inmates.

Bangin; sometimes reference to injection of drugs; especially heroin. Synonymous with 'slammin' and shooting up.

Rolling/Got me Roll'n ; Another way of saying that the story, scenario or comment 'struck' the sayer funny. The person who is 'rolling' is experiencing dramatic feelings of laughter , subtly equivalent to 'rotflmao' .

The Trade  (also less commonly a 'flip' a 'conversation' or a swap)  :  Another Jail term; often in Sing-Sing referring to a specific trade deal or prisoner swap wherein one may switch wristbands or identities in order to promote the release of a leader or high gang-member.   

NOTE : More suitable anonymous words are usually exchanged so 'trade' and 'swap' are not often used or used with great reluctance. More  common terms are 'give my rites' , 'chip n dip' and such variable phrases which may be less alarming.

The Letter / LetterHead : A Jail / Prison term either describing a form of shank or a lighter or tool that may be used to create smoke or diversion.

                                      COLOR CODE TERMS


  • Any phrase or term including "BLUE" often refers to Cops; collectively known on the street as 'Po-Po's, 5-O, uniforms, Pigs  etc"
  • As such the meaning of phrases like 'blue wall of resistance' indicates that a 'wall' of Cops is blocking an area, action or Protest. 

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