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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ElectroKinetic KickBacks ; People of Great Intellect should Expect Resistance

I have always been a huge believer in willpower; even supernatural willpower. I believe progress in Life is determined by a precise coordination of stability, Resilience and determination. I believe though, that sometimes, unexpected dilemmas and unfortunate circumstances obstruct us  - especially the best of us...but I believe this is in part; because a 'higher level' of integrity is intimidating to 'average' individuals. I believe that within a powerful Spirit, a solid mentality, and great amounts of knowledge; these individuals possessed of extraordinary intelligence and those deemed 'Child Prodigy's' should continue freely...but expect resistance. The best of us should function under rigorous discipline and even a relentless altitude. 

Electrokinetic kickback is the occurrence of mental conflict between two or more parties which constitutes opposite mentalities and the recruitment of spiritual vendetta's .

Of which spirit represents 'conscience' and intentions; dually parallel to  the functional integration of lost dark and light entities of which some would refer to as 'Angels' and 'Demons'. These Spirits though, are the conscience of our being - the determinant of the amplitude but not the core existence of our thoughts.

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