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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Herbs & Supplements to Raise/Increase Glutamate Decarboxylase (GAD) (Natural Glutamate Decarboxylase Stimulators)

Glutamate Decarboxylase , simply put, is an enzyme that converts the amino acid neurotransmitter Glutamate into GABA (gamma-amino-butyric-acid)(1). Because Glutamate is primarily stimulating and GABA is primarily inhibitory (calming) - the enzyme is essential to maintaining neuronal and physiological homeostasis (balance) (2). Without it, the risk of neurotoxicity is substantially increased and as well the probability of developing neuropsychiatric complications is also increased(3). Both bipolar disorder AND Schizophrenia are associated with low levels of this enzyme; which is abbreviated by GAD(4).

A specific "active" form of Vitamin B-6 known as P5P or PLP; Pyrdoxal-5-Phosphate is necessary for the production of GAD; and thus, necessary for the production of GABA(5).

This means that supplementation of P5P can be a good 'first-step' to cover your bases in increasing the levels of this why SPECIFICALLY would we want to INCREASE Glutamate DecaRboXyLase !?

First off,

  • Not all of us need to.
  • This mainly would be for those under stress or with a history of anxiety disorders and / or BiPolar Disorder; which is characterized by low GABA.
  • It may also help in those suffering from neurotoxicity or in whom consume large quantities of MSG or whom have been confirmed by rigorous testing to have neuronal cell death / depopulation by means of excessive glutamate (can be reflected in gray matter and in certain tests such as EEG and PET scans).

Now, assuming this is your expected solution or preferably, your SUGGESTED solution by a qualified medical Professional or Neurologist - there are other supplements that have been shown to directly increase the level of this enzyme and have a pretty powerful reputation for relieving anxiety disorders... not just simplistic anecdotes ladies and gentlemen; this is the good stuff!



Gotu Kola also known by it's Botanical Name Centella asiatica 
has shown a remarkable GAD stimulating activity of 40% at fairly low doses. 


Simply view the below Image..

And yes, I've trialed this below product before - it is definitely calming but does not negatively impact mental clarity - if anything , it improves overall clarity and is good for focus and consistency. It has some Pro-Intellectual properties but is not hard-ground for this and most of it's benefits come it's ability to counter-act stress is good on a test / exam though...seems to help with mathmatics focus and such. 
Also, it's NOT as sedating as Valerian...Maybe 2/5ths of the potency of Valerian- so not really sedating, just calming...Valerian will straight knock you out, but Valerian.  has other properties besides GAD stimulation.... 

Thus, my recommendation for Gotu Kola extract is below.


Same study as above wherein Gotu Kola is mentioned Valerian is equipotent in increasing GAD enzymes/activity. However, Valerian possesses 'extra' properties, like acting as a serotonin 5-HT5A partial agonist(!).

This makes Valerian more sedating than simply 'calming' - in which case , Valerian; being 'dual-action' would be more ideal as a SLEEP AID than a calming/focus agent such as Gotu Kola.

Nevertheless, it's a still a great herb for 'bad' Insomnia..stronger than melatonin and most antihistamines...which reminds me; DO NOT take Valerian root extract with strong antihistamines or stuff like Trazodone , Benadryl etc....also use with great caution or avoid if possible, using Valerian with blood pressure pills; namely beta-blockers - alpha-blockers should also be minimized on it although overall they are a less dangerous combination because alpha-1-blockade doesn't hit the nervous system as hard as beta-blockade.

Though, it depends on the person.

Recommended Valerian product by my heroes over at Solgar; whom never fail to amaze me with quality and price.


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