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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

{Must Read} Article for BP/BackPage Escorts Who Wish to Keep Safe (Guide for Providers) {Includes Phone/Internet Security and General Safety)

There is certainly a contrast in favor of article's geared towards Client's vs Provider's - and that needs to change. The business does not need an unnecessary bias even if it is predominated by so called 'misogynistic influences'. Thus, as a follow-up from my go-to newbie guideline article; I now pose this stack of cards to the girls involved who wish to keep their initial and follow-up communications safe as well as  'Insights' on General Safety.


Your own security/anonymity
 Posting your Ad without an Electronic Trail ✍ 
Most of the time this may not be necessary as long as you aren't strictly saying you are offering sex and putting the proper disclaimer up there. Click Here for example. 

Here it is again without a link.

Also don't reveal your face in body shots etc 
This following point is also mentioned in the second part; but download a VPN program if you want to play it extra safe; for Android or iPhone or Computer there is a program called 'Finch VPN' - it reroutes your location so connect to it and then go here to confirm your IP address (computer location etc) is changed. Here's the site and setup guides for the program. All you really need to do is download, install, get an account and log-in. 

Once you have the program on your phone and Computer (if it applies, w/e you have don't matter) - then always connect to it BEFORE the first post or at least before Re-Posting. 


If you want to ensure your messages are Private and phone can not be tracked by text message. My advice to you is to sign up with an account on a Free Texting App. Available on iPhone and Android. Examples are.

For texting from your computer use Pinger Web-Texting App

 You should sign up either at an out-of-town coffee shop or FIRST download a Free Security Program called "Finch VPN" on your Android or iPhone. 

Using Finch VPN allows you to connect your Wi-Fi or data network connection to other states or countries; making it appear as though you are in those locations CAN also disable the GPS function within your phone's settings to block tracking; however the downside of this is if say, on a moment you need emergency help it may make it more difficult for Cops to find you etc...such as in a life-threatening situation. ♒ 

ADD A FORWARDING PHONE and Give this Number to Your Client's  

  • Sign up with a Google Voice account HERE and download the Google Voice app to your cell phone/Android/iPhone. Here is a sign-up guide for GõØgle Voice.
The app is available on the APP STORE. After downloading you will have to assign a number to forward to (your end-point cellphone or real phone) so that When your peeps/dates call your Google number it then 'transfers' them to your phone.

You can also use Google Voice to send text messages and to make phone calls from your computer... it will ring from the Voice number and thus not reveal your 'real' phone number when you call..same when your client's call the Voice number - it won't reveal your real number when calling it. The Google simply redirects the call to your phone without revealing any details.


Do not  use your personal e-mail to contact clients; even if they ask for it. Preferably sign up with a new account on Gmail and do not include any revealing details in the e-mail ADDRESS or other words , do not put any of your REAL NAME..use your nickname/Alias in FIRST NAME and last name just put some bullshit or something that goes along with it.

Another, and perhaps more secure method - would be not to use 'classical' e-mail services and instead use something like hushmail or another 'encrypted' e-mail service or one which forwards e-mails to your original e-mail address. Several Providers are already following this motto as demonstrated in their ShowCases on ECCIE...

 A Customer's  Presentation
❉ ✣


First, always remember that just as you can have bad days; so can your client's...and especially so as their intent / reasoning for contacting you may be to unwind after a long-day at work blaming them for being straightforward wouldn't make much sense...nor would straying from 'bubbly' personalities. Of course, signs of mental stability could poke through in some moments but because it is very difficult to tell via text message or via call , even...assuming the outcome of a potential date based on word choice or consistency may not be a good idea. 

With that being said, you should know the risks if the guy seems to be drunk, high or erratic. So avoiding the intoxicated may be a good idea. It all comes down to what you can or are willing to tolerate.

If the potential customer/date is overly giggly, then defensive/posturative annd just gives that 'air of a child' then it may be useful to consider that the individual or individuals contacting you are pranksters or time-wasters - especially if the questions that they ask are overly revealing, out of the norm, and include bizarre fetishes. Particularly if the person in question seems manic, unstable stable or perhaps is constantly switching from being punctual, then to refraining from the same aspect of conversation; aka 'putting on an act'.



First off you should stay Vigilant but not so you are looking over your shoulder every moment, either... If a Potential new Client text's you or calls you from an out-of-state number; do not be alarmed. It may just be because the person has recently moved from the location / area that corresponds to that Area Code - or perhaps they are just visiting the city you are in etc.... this is common. 
You could always ask the guy why the number is out-of-state but in general it is not a 'bad sign'. Heck, you could even query based on the ZC and ask particularly 'so are you from {insert state here}'..but sometimes asking too many questions may erk the potential customer  

You can use this website to easily research Zip Codes in the event you are skeptical.


If you would like more personal assistance ladies you may contact me at { }  

I don't have an incredible amount of time to take out of my day but I will answer all e-mails as soon as possible.


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