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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Alignment Prodigy - Building The Final Step in the Pyramidal Order (A Hypothetical Analysis)

In order to consolidate a 'Grand Finale' of worthwhile progressions - a clear and coherent application would be to build the unlikely volunteer's into the foundation of a protopolitical/political point. That means avid support by outcasts and converts for one functional 'Oz' mentality. One face of genius and ultimate character brought about by the perfect coordination of Belief and Logic.

....A Psychodynamic shift in the coalitions whose strongest broadcast is the desire for Freedom and Prosperity - and this shift would be molded together not in adversity but in a common ground where those who desire Freedom for malice mesh with those who simply believe it's necessary for Prosperity (and live rather simply)...In other words, the 'whom' in which two sides of freedom fighters intermingle with no longer matters and instead is overlooked ; certainly for the purpose of prioritizing a badly needed implement - one good at proliferating the ultimate collaboration against 'corrupt entities'.

Thus corruption is attacked indiscriminately - this is the precursor to freedom and yet disaster. I believe then † , that the Prodigy; the chosen one of acceptance and yet universal discord - in alignment with the powers of the Universe, will be directly opposed by yet another Prodigy...each one a face of alignment but with different intentions...  

The reason I am making this post - is simply to form an inward look at the possibilities for the future...I believe, that the future of our society is going to be considerably altered by the climactic Moves of two incredibly powerful but yet opposing sides...! I believe that goodness is going to be rendered; and altruism will be more 'accepted', but that the darkest , most neurotic cultures are going to begin to proliferate as well ...political wars, are just getting started.

Hollywood, the Mainstream Media...they aren't finished. I do think though, that they will be changing - they will be gearing their symbolism in new directions besides the usual 'facade' of occult , I believe that these high levels of entertainment are even going to fade into the midst of nothingness for a moment - or at least a stale subtle performance or plateau where people are no longer so fascinated with them ...but let's not generalize - my point is there is a HUGE, coming potential for change! 

............are you ready for it?

You should be. Because it's where your dreams and nightmares are going to collide in an atmosphere full of superstition and variable influences who's loyalty will change like the wind!

It's going to be an exciting and yet dangerous time to be Alive!

So are your doors OPEN for CHANGE!?

...Do you know what REAL CHANGE IS?

I want to move beyond hypothesis and invaluable conspiracy theories - because in the end ; the only thing that matters of what level of PROGRESSION we obtain AS and FOR humanity. The thing that matters is what our own EVOLUTION BECOMES!! ...or what Revolution we Spare. 

The preservation of the human mind is an integral part to the performance of the final holiday (the greatest checkpoint in human revolution) - the ultimate predecessor to the strongest disregard is yet the same; preservation of the mind - but the wicked form of human mentality..The ego-driven, filled with arrogance; hubris - the calamity of a vicious cyclone of non-ameliorated bastardry! 

The question is how may you now be a part of a higher calling  - one foaming with color and Zeal? One internalizing the Vision of your forefathers or the utility of your conscience?

If you would like to finally realize the greatest input of knowledge you could ever encounter - you should buy my Book!

How to Decide Where You Stand in the Final Human Evolution


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