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Friday, October 9, 2015

Making the Leap of Faith in the Face of Fear, Disadvantage and Discontentment

The question I asked my Lord regarding a pressing, mysterious matter was whether it makes sense to make a 360 degree turn around from a certain objective..of which will not be named at the moment. I spoke in Spirit to determine whether a 360 degree turn around would be 'more strenuous than advantageous'....because obviously; I can do it - but whether breaking the current 'algorithm' is for the current time remains a question.... I am open to the suggestion of lowering a specific barrier in front of opportunities if indeed, the entire path is molded into something that fits my motto and is a transformative path altogether. I know that it certainly may be a possibility; especially given my 'track record' with such a mindset. 

I know that because it is my motto to make leaps that others would not understand. I know that in the dramatic leaps some would call it 'Insane'..but I do not care - because the most prolific and significant successors are those made by a certain self-discipline..a mindset not brought about by Privilege and Resources alone ...but by hardship and sacrifice.... Sometimes you simply have to investigate and go the extra mile; sometimes it's simply about using a very specific coordination of Instincts coupled with Insight.

I know that the ultimate Providence is the highest form of sobriety; A separation from the thoughts and of the viewpoints we are conditioned to consume. I know that the Ultimate Providence is the knowing that  I am made a Prodigy by Precedent,..and I know that straying from that precedent would defeat the point of my entire Commitment. 

Yet I wonder if the the 'new' objective should aim to parallel/replicate the same 'Initiatory Transition' as the one years ago.  I wonder, but then I don't..because I know that your diversion is not always one of aggravated countenance but rather onee of 'timing'...I know fully , that your first example is the one that should stick - and indeed it does...indeed I wonder how many of my fragments sent by light - and then by vanity - end up as light again - despite wishing for certain 'storms'.... now I look back on my objective again - continuing forth, seeing that I have not a disdain for the 'algorithm' we speak of but a justification for keeping it there... but I also, again, am keeping an open-mind as to the possibilities of that algorithm being slightly altered - if it so benefit the ultimate outcome for myself and others; if the benefits outweigh the risk assessment - because of you , God, is almost always spot On...but I don't know all the outcomes... I admit that - I don't always know how you plan to transform things but I do know that we have a connection ..we always have, I know that my continuance and my Altruism towards specific individuals whom I will not name at the moment in this post..but these individuals are not on the receiving point of my altruism because of one reason or another...not because of any personal emotional or false-triumphant connection but because I seek to see the outward manifestations of my willpower...because I see that you have penetrated the most unlikely souls - and because of my willpower and open-mindedness to your teachings... I am now confident that my actions; are written for some reason or another...and some things simply aren't coincidences... ;)

I am one to set aside generalizations and assumptions but my Instincts do not defy me, usually...I've found - that more often than not - things ..for whatever reason - have been turning out better than I expect them to - which brings my mind at peace as to the possibilities yet again...these candidates in whom I have secured as my 'Inner-Circle' of a temporary shortcut or medium to success - are also representing some degree of your favor for me. But moreso, they are representing vast opportunities; opportunities that others would not see as logical because of their closed-mindedness...thus - I write all of this as a matter of Faith...and as proof - proof of my heart, and of our Precedent - I have risen at midnight to thank you as I always do - for the life and strength and advantage you have given me - so much that no matter the situation - I know that you will find the way...distortion and ignorance can not prosper - and disperceptions can not predominate my destiny nor those I come into contact with at the given times - some meetings are purely those meaning to expand the emphasis and sensitivity towards alternative means of sanctification - some interactions I have with unnamed characters are thus not just an expansion , not just a test, not just about this blog's proliferation...not just about knowledge either...but a message from me to you God - that I am well aware of the opportunities - and sometimes the best form of sincerity is to forgive and to strengthen those who have never understood the concept of forgiveness and true spiritual strength...sometimes this precedent is the one that molds opportunities = not from Vain.Altruism - but by Insight,  Motivation and Amendment.

The message was spoken by heart from 12 a.m exactly to 12;17 am and posted thereafter one of my favorite TV Shows...having Faith I would recollect the words despite not writing them down.  ;)

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