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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why the Feminist Movement is Toxic ; And Why it Should be Abolished

ᴫ  an ᴤarlier piece I had elaborated on the profuse expectations of society to label anyone with a particular sexual interest; as one in the same with that interest. My consolidation is that 'society' often makes erroneous conclusions about a given person after one simple act - e.g that one would date someone younger by 5 years; illegal or not - and that this automatically 'defines' that either 'immature' , an 'ephebophile' (people use the term pedophile interexchangeably with ephebophile despite being scientifically and morally incorrect) or even a 'Freak'. Yet many people don't stop to see if this is an ACTUAL pattern with this person - or whether the relationship is genuine - or whether the girl or guy has a devious it's just one big puddle of possibilities!

The Feminist movement has helped spur a lot of hatred around every corner where a man is accused of anything from statutory rape, to sexual assault, to having Guns in their house  - to having a life insurance policy on their spouse. To them, they veer into the window of arrogant simplicity and recognize whatever 'fear' they are used to seeing as a definitive identification of a situation or person's intent. That means that one lady may have had a bad experience and the things leading up to that experience or trauma - are stuck in her head to reminisce on and whenever she, now a part of that movement identifies a woman complaining of a similar situation with similar steps LEADING TO ----- OH OH OH, I know the answer  - this will happen NEXT, BECAUSE!

That is feminist logic , ladies and gentlemen.

What started out as a woman's rights movement has turned into a manipulation calendar for vindictive females and those driven by a total lack of common sense. They take the motto of sustaining SAFETY for women and EQUALITY for women and mold it into an 'anything goes into this category' debate. If a workplace environment which sets a certain wage for low-level employees suddenly PROMOTES a man first to a higher wage - all of a sudden it's a huge issue..because NOW instead of the argument of equality..the WOMAN just HAS to get the first raise ; because, else, that would be "BIASED and UNFAIR". 

Thus this political 'movement' has entirely become a sham and abused by the latest forms of human ignorance. 

This isn't even scratching the surface. You know how many WOMEN actually HATE the feminist movement?  SEE HERE  AND HERE why do you think that is?
The guardian even has written about how this movement is now becoming more a brutal form of unnecessary, unhealthy criticism and a base to emotionally harass and torture men and society in general.

The problem is, what was original something for fairness has become entirely corrupt, and once you corrupt the first seed, guess What? The whole sprout becomes toxic...and the current leaders in this movement are no longer fit to lead..they are hypocrites and deviants. 
The next phases are only going to get worse. So the question I have is to what line do we draw to, and when will we cut this corrupt growth out of our living environment? When will be remove these toxic imbecile's from our midst?

Because certainly - this is going to cause catastrophe. At a time where we should be uniting as a people and finding altruism and courage and correcting already existing issues (much larger issues) such as governmental corruption and evading the next WORLD WAR..these ladies just want to create unwarranted domestic chaos.. how does that help any of us EVEN IF YOU ASSUME that's not their intent? Do you think we can properly influence the already existing political corruption when we have all of these unnecessary imbalances intertwined with the Congressional conglomerates ? Where dirty favors are exchanged by financial incentive - and movements like this are not just a nuissance when high entities and the media are largely supporting them..

  • Because you see, what they are REALLY supporting is a DIVERSION from the larger issues in this  Country. Feminism no longer suits us or OUR people. 

  • Whether in workplace where 'equality' becomes inequality; a 360 degree shift from 10 years ago is yet another imbalance.. Feminism no longer suits us or OUR people. 

  • Whether testosterone rises or becomes further criticized  - a man is a man, a woman is a woman - a household is a householdFeminism no longer suits us or OUR people. 

  • A child; a son, a daughter - needs both a Father and a Mother - not a distorted view of relationships, and not a dictator and a man who doesn't know his true strength as a Parent. Feminism no longer suits us or OUR people. 

  • When in 2 years, men are feeling more castrated than ever - by chemicals in our food and water - and then by women abusing their power...this is true imbalance and thus...Feminism no longer suits us or OUR people. 

Whether women fight and scratch men and get away with it or whether they fight other women in the street or on stage like ANIMALS - this being amusing(to FEMINISTS)... it no longer suits our country OR our people.

Because you see, it's not about critiquing feminists - it's about retaining some dignity in this society, before it's all gone.....!

Now, I certainly don't feel powerless, nor am I - but I have enough Insight and so do many guys and girls both - no matter the position - it doesn't take a genius to see where this so called 'feminist movement' is going..and tons of examples have been made thus far..and this is just the tip of the iceberg... the ladies and men of this society DESERVE to see the stinger of a scorpion hit the inevitable end of this utterly ridiculous -no-longer-solely-human-rights-movement. FemiNAZI is an interesting word..but you know what's more interesting ?

The brilliant sound of the abolition of the movement - the tasteful stew that precedes the end to this tragic form of human ignorance...  ;)
So we can focus on more important things, and start acting like brothers, sisters, and friends and family, instead of animals trying to claim one gender is better than others...if you want equality - believe in it - but don't create a stage with clowns trying to propose war strategies against other clowns FOR clowns. 

..and indeed, people are waking up - time is coming to an end for them. 

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