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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 Campaign Has Become a Big Circus (2016 U.S Presidential Campaign Destined to be Forever Mocked?)

Hillary Barking like a dog live-on-TV, Bush proud of his Capacity to ''take his pants off and moon Everybody',,'GOP Candidate's exchanging lawsuit threats, premature accusations of Eligibility-issues, and regular enticing remarks being riddled with sneaky insults here and there... 

Let's face it... this entire campaign-race has revealed the low-est form of Political Tolerance.. it almost looks like their brains have become haywire - like each "Car" in the race is forced to temporarily run on rocket-fuel . The only thing next is to see one of them getting so mad, that their face turns Red like a beet...oh wait,..

With all this not even scratching the surface, this has, and reasonably, the rest of the World concerned about U.S Competence..and we are supposed to be heading the World's mend in technological advancements and brain-iac style thinking, No!?

At this point, it feels incredibly right to say that Putin has more composure than most of our Politician's here..whether that is the reason why .. some of our own actually are secretly rooting for him and / or in line with his thought process though..

As humans, we are supposed to set a powerful example of what can be done with an advanced mind, but it really seems like that advanced mind, is in decline...especially in American Politics.

Perhaps we are So advanced, that we have discovered stupidity as a 'cheat-treat' and our diminished appreciation for self-discipline and self-control has led to the discovery of our vulnerabilities as a nation. While this analysis can be seen by some as generalized, it is all too True.

For these same reasons - maybe that is why many Americans feel their disinhibition regarding Trump support is justified - because at least when he rises to the Stage - even though impulsive, he at least sets new precedents and is bold enough to actual taint the composure of some of the other candidates. 

It is respected when a Man rises to the stage in total confidence, and is imposing enough to over-ride the train-of-thought of another Candidate despite having some misplaced intellectual contributions.

Despite this, I am fascinated with the unallocated remainder of sheer-idiocy and the possibilities that may erupt from the Altitude' of the 2016 Presidential Candidates. It is simply amazing - how people will act to rake in the attention of the masse's while Each functioning as their own  participant in their greatest Fantasies; the assimilation of a furious but CREATIVE Reality-TV WAR that is, in actuality, REALITY.

At the same time, it's disappointing that your average computer-geek in a small composite I.T department can easily make stronger intellectual arguments in terms of National Security Matters than a lot of these ,... Candidate's...and ultimately I am disappointed in Trump talking out of place and over people in a Live debate, but more so , because he is certainly capable of much more effective intellectual arguments than what was displayed in the last debate..however, he may have other surprises and his effectiveness continues despite these minor hiccups.

All the other Candidate's and their Electorate's can go clean up their toys, and 8-hours forward, there's a new stunt before the next on-stage-performance has it's floors illuminated. Rubio needs to get out of the OCD-Mansion because he can't be sounding like a broken-record and expect to WIN. You HAVE to be concerned with winning and not a Passive-Idiot in order to get that way, Trump is actually more realistic than many other candidate's...

The 'Gloom' of Cruz's attack Ad's against Trump are just that; nothing but GLOOM., they are so damn-dark and shallow that it prompts me to think that this may reflect Cruz's inner-self...and then I'm sure there are not only those that Agree but it makes 'ya wonder if he is using rebuttal's and his conservative position to hide deeply-inert-insecurities.

 The whole thing has become Entirely too theatrical...that and you have media reports adding fast-track hype music to highlight the emotional intensity of what is going on...!

Whatever the case in the future, there are obvious flaws and their weaknesses are coming out to the forefront, their heart is on their sleeve's but it is bleeding on display for the audience - perhaps in part, because Trump has them rattled , but perhaps moreso, because , it may be more than they can handle - a vast majority of BIG-TALKERS has bit off more than they can Chew before they spit out the first garbled-message.

It's necessary to stay-tuned - but so far, I have summed up my view on the state of mind and reflection of each 2016-Candidate.

  • I respect Rubio's Faith and Courage, but he needs to mix in more 'outside the box' intellectual arguments and make sure he has some degree of consistency - he is currently allowing the imposition of other candidates to ''rush'' his responses and my sense is that it is influencing, at least here and there - his competence and integrity.
  • Trump has the Power, Means, Charisma, and Direction to WIN the entire thing; but I believe  he has to execute some self-restraint and , at times, replace his impulsive responding with more intellectually prominent responses the same time, he can not sit back and say nothing, especially when other candidates are in a Rush to reserve the newest 'Sane' intellectual argument...despite many of them being far from comprehensive and altogether, lacking specificity in their 'Plan's...
  • Cruz is displaying a very 'meditated' mindset, but despite the apparent composure and level-headed merit - he shows deficits in prudent imperial judgement and in picking-up-the-pace during certain debate moments..his head is in the right place but I'm not too sure about his motives.
  • Hillary and Bernie are just a total WRECK, completely a laughing stock, they might as well be a couple-bulls in a China-Shop with firecrackers going off on their tails...though, if one of them is going to win, it will DEFINITELY be Bernie..and somehow, "Sanders" is a powerful name...memorable? Hmm.... xD


  1. Bush - blue tie, Trump - red one.) In Russian discussions Iraq (or Lybia)theme is one of the best arguments against "America" (USA). Though I personally think Afghanistan is a much bigger pain. That's why liveleak removed it from their menu. And Putin wasn't really against U.S. army in Iraq cause that thing rose oil price somehow. And gave Iran and then ISIL control over north Irag somehow)) And US doesn't attack Iran for some reason though they easily could "find" something there.
    Putin has more composure simply because he never takes part in debates. Also when something bad for his rating is to be told in public then Medvedev is used. I read about Trump saying Putin chooses strong and talented people. Well it's not a priority at all because most influental and richest people of modern Russia come from St. Petersburg or KGB or both.


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