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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ANSWER: Can All Drugs / Chemicals Be Subcutaneously Injected (Do All Drugs/Meds Work Sub-Q)


  • Only if they are in powder/pure form , they can not be shoved into a vein if they still contain tablet coating. Only fine-powder will do.

  1. It is a faster method of administration than intradermal and oral, but a little slower than intramuscular (Intra-M).
  2. Mixing tablets and refined powders can be dangerous - only fine powders will do, as said above.
  3. Some drugs/chemicals may need to be diluted in bacteriostatic water only while others may require a dual saline-solution . Depending on the drug in question and reason for delivery.
  4. All drugs must be diluted properly and measured out properly before injection.
  5. SubQ isn't ideal for emergency situations ; in life-threatening situations , especially involving the heart or an allergic reaction - intravenous solutions are required, alone, or in augmentation with intramuscular delivery of medications.


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