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Friday, February 19, 2016

Does Inhibiting DHT Raise / Increase Testosterone? (Does Reducing/Decreasing DihydroTestosterone Levels Increase Total T Level?)

Ever since I've been into bodybuilding and fitness supplements (damn near since Age 14) - I've been fueled by a Zest for self-improvement..which, consequently meaned that I had to have the best in each class..well, mostly.
The same motive for my fitness goals also entailed doing thorough research, and of course, I'm good at making observations. Often being the first or one of the first people to point out the blatantly obvious (or what should be).

For the life of me, I couldn't understand why so many so-called ''testosterone-boosters'' contained DHT-inhibitors, it always seemed like a stupid idea to me.
Given everything we know, by which science's greatest endocrine-experts has shed their light on  , "inhibiting" DHT would most certainly lead to an increased susceptibility to Estrogen-Dominance. Not just that, but  also the appearance of 'man-boobs' and a possible loss of attitude and strength..two things , which of course we need, both in the bedroom and in the Gym.

Turns out, the sore justification for adding these extracts like 'Saw Palmetto' and "Pygeum" is to tailor the product to specifically 'aging' men, in whom may or may not have prostate issues...but it is actually, now not making sense even more..why tailor an Unfavorable hormone balance to Aging men, or ANY man for that matter!?

...It's based on out-dated science and articles like this one that state DHT-inhibition may improve prostate enlargement and hair loss issues...but then there are the ridiculous claims that inhibiting DHT will somehow BOOST Testosterone  levels - adding to the appeal and augmentation process of the ingredient profile in said product...

Unfortunately, the only reason there is any slight, sliver of Truth to this, is because of the flawed analysis .... a better idea is , it goes like This...

  • Incidentally , if you inhibit./Block DHT levels then the remainder of Testosterone is forced to stay as Testosterone or convert into Estrogen.
  • However, by inhibiting DHT and allowing increased E2 levels, you are essentially, allowing more 'negative feedback' , so eventually...less Testosterone is reabsorbed - additionally...
  1. Reducing Dihydrotestosterone/DHT may increase Estrogen Receptor Viability and increase the amount of 'reactive' ER's - which ultimately makes any remaining Testosterone less usable, less potent in their fat-burning ability (as estrogen has direct and opposing effects on fat cells).
  2. Reducing DHT leaves more Testosterone and it's other metabolites to sequester binding proteins such as SHBG (Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin) and Albumin ; which, in essence, actually lowers Total Free Testosterone levels (FTT Levels). 

So,.. NO

  • If anything, you'd want to Raise DHT to boost both ((TT))  Total Testosterone  & -(FT)- Free Testosterone.
  • You can do this with something as simple as Epi-Andro or with a well-known Gel such as Andractim - which is Much more reliable.
  • I would also recommend using Creatine supplements to Increase DHT-levels..
  • Tribulus and Opti-Zinc are a Near-Perfect Combo to boost DHT as well.


The Facts And Myths About: DHT!

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