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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Estrogen (Estradiol, EB, Endogenous, Natural Estrogen, ERT) Effects on Blood Pressure Relate to it's Effects on Neurotransmitter Receptors

  • Estrogen Increases Sensitivity to Alpha-1-Adrenergic Stimulation in the Hypothalamus ( ) , E2 also increases alpha-1-adrenergic Receptors and responsiveness of them on vascular smooth muscle (~) d
  • Estrogen decreases GABA-B mediated hyperpolarization and also decreases Glutamate-Decarboxylase (GAD) which equates to decreaseD GABA synthesis/production in the Brain/CNS and decreased receptor activity - the net result is increased sympathetic drive and nervous system stimulation. 
    • Although glutamate-elevations themself do not increase blood pressure or particularly cause vascular-smooth-muscle-contraction, they do, in combination with increased adrenergic-tone, lead to increased effects of glucocorticoids and overall increased CNS-reactivity - which then augment in Process the estradiol/estrogen stimulation of nervous system fibers. {E2/Estrogen Increases Glutamate/NMDA-Transmission Directly As Well}
    • Thus, glutamate + noradrenaline leads to blood pressure increases more than noradrenaline alone, whereas glutamate alone does not raise blood pressure without noradrenergic and / or cytosolic calcium entry into myocardial/smooth muscle cells.

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