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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

List of 5-HT2B Antagonists Available As Supplements (Supplements that Antagonize/Block Serotonin 2B Receptors)

5-HT2B Receptors are a type of Serotonin Receptor (GPCR; G-Protein-Coupled-Receptor); they are evident mostly in blood vessels/human atrium (heart) (1) and in the small intestine (2) , however, they play a minor role in the ((CNS)), and activating them tends to increase serotonin release and blocking them reduces serotonin release {(3)}.

Applications and Benefits of antagonizing the Receptor would include.

  • Improvement of Cardiac Function and Reduction in Blood Pressure [4]
  • Alleviation of Chronic Diarrhea and other intestinal complaints associated with I.B.S. -(5)-
  • Improvement in side-effects associated with SSRI-medications for Depression (particularly, bowel complaints) {6}
  • Enhancement of Muscle Pump during Exercise ~{7}~
  • Utility in k+-mediated- augmentations; to reduce the effects of SSRI's on Potassium-related depolarization and thus to enhance Potassium-electrical currents (K+).(*8*)
  • Possible use, adjunct in Migraine treatment , lesser so than other uses, though. <(9)>
  • Transient reduction in Plasma Serotonin level/s, and significant reduction in Serotonin Release. ~!(10)!~

The main TWO only EFFECTIVE Over-the-Counter 5-HT2B-Receptor Antagonists are.....

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