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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What Nutrient Deficiency Causes Anxiety? The Two Nutrients Almost Everyone With An Anxiety Disorder is Deficient In

Assuming this is Clinical Anxiety and not just your run-of-the-day Stress-during-Work or minor stress due to a Recent Permeable Conflict - there are a couple specific nutrients that nearly everyone with an Anxiety disorder has been found to be deficient've probably heard of the First one, but the second one is a little more obscure but is gaining tons of recognition in human pilot studies and in active regional studies (such as in other countries where supplementation is studied in certain paradigms).


Which Nutrients are Missing in People With Anxiety Issues?

  1. Magnesium (flavored, patented liquid form here)                                     
  2. L-Lysine (natural, vegetable capsule form here)


Additionally, L-Theanine, though not absolutely necessary, can make a great add-on to the above two sups.

Supplementing with these two/Three Sups is expected to help the following disorders/issues. (numbers are magnesium references and "L" and number are lysine reference/s...

  • Generalized Anxiety (1) (2) (3) [L1] [L2]
  • Social Anxiety (4) (5) [L3]
  • Restlessness  (6) (7) [L4]
  • Delirium (8) (9) [L5]
  • Fast Heart Rate (10) (11) [L6]
  • Food-Deprivation-Induced-Anxiety (12) [L6]
  • Adaptation to Stress (13) (14) [L7] [L8] [L9] [L10]

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