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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Do Ramen Noodles Cause NeuroToxicity / ExcitoToxicity? The 'WHY' in Instant-Noodles Causing Anxiety etc

Almost every brand of 'Instant Noodles', especially the Cheap ones you can get at a Corner Store - contains MSG; MonoSodium Glutamate. Now, while there are mountains of hype, erroneous remarks, and idiotic meme's regarding this structurally diverse but yet simple amino-acid compound - most of it is close to nonsense. 

That DOESN'T mean that it is entirely healthy, or something you want to irresponsibly consume every day, three times a day, but - it isn't something that will kill your brain cells overnight. Also, MSG isn't the ONLY Problem within Ramen Noodles and some Chinese throw-in-the-microwave meals, rather, it's the extreme abundance of SODIUM (=Salt=) and then the utter lack of nutrients that leads to abnormal physiological (within the body, organic processes) responses - including cell dehydration (you'd have to drink three 17 fl. ounce bottles to get adequately REHYDRATED after one ''soup'') and over-excitation. 

You See, the sodium overloads the cell and neuron-networks and causes them to misuse energy. The body can also release adrenaline and blood glucose which can then , in conjunction, force your organs and cells to work harder and quicker - the result is a contamination of the body's energy processis. 

The GLUTAMATE part in the MONO-SODIUM (monosodium-GLUTAMATE;MSG) is more of an additive repercussion - but glutamate is actually an essential amino acid - and it is absolutely essential for almost every process in the body (including Respiration, and thus breathing, and energy, and thinking) , it's ONLY WHEN GLUTAMATE becomes absolutely EXCESSIVE - that it becomes toxic..and the "less than 1%" equivalent amount of MSG in Top Ramen is not enough in itself to cause damage to any process or cell in your body HOWEVER, the sodium hastens the process of excitotoxicity - forcing the body/mind/brain to rev up the production and Usage of ~SODIUM-CHANNELS~ (Na2+) which are also known as sodium-ion-channels which then recruits other 'second messengers'  to control the excess sodium-ions and clean up the mess of excess Sodium.

FINALLY, Ramen contains IRON but barely any other vitamins other than what is SPRAYED ONTO THEM - the imbalance created by both IRON & SODIUM along with the horrendously disproportionate diets of your Average Teenager - leads to mineral deficiency and brain cell overexcitation...your best bet, if you *MUST* eat Ramen or REFUSE/NEGLECT to stop the consumption of these artificial food products... is to AT LEAST supplement with missing minerals, but ESPECIALLY...

Those three are often missing anyway and a deficiency of one or ALL THREE of those is associated with ALMOST EVERY ANXIETY DISORDER ON THE PLANET.

So, what else is there to Say??


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