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Thursday, February 4, 2016

How to Increase 5-HT1A Receptors (A Detailed , but Easy to Understand Guide) (Includes Supplement Suggestions)

5-HT(1)A receptors are designated as one of the most important receptor types in the human physiology; especially in regards to Stress Adaptation (1) (2) and Depression (3) (4) (5). They make for such a popular topic, that they are written about extensively , by not just medical professionals and researchers (6) (7), but by bloggers, health enthusiasts and 'recreational thinkers' alike (8) (9) (10). The sheer fascination with them and their ligands - stamps them as some of the most revered topics in longevity and anti-aging forums (11) (12) and even fitness / bodybuilding forums (13) (14).

....However, neither mountains of bro-science nor countless hours of theorizing and abstract ideas are sufficient to actually justify a plausible solution to fine-tuning this network.

So lets stick with the FACTS.
  • 5-HT(1)A Receptor activity and Receptor Expression is greatly determined by male sex hormones (Testosterone, DHT) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) as well as Corticosteroids (Cortisol, Cortisone) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) .
  • From that standpoint - our goal should be to decrease cortisol by any means, and to increase Testosterone levels (25) (26).
  • Minerals such as Manganese (27) and Magnesium (28) play a HUGE role in increasing AND maintaining 5-HT1A Receptors.


  1. Supplement with BOTH Magnesium & Manganese. Preferably @ Night.
  2. BLOCK / REDUCE Cortisol & Increase Testosterone by using Barlowe's Benzoflavone/PS/Resveratrol Supplement.
  3. If you REALLY Want to Go 'EXTREEeM' , you can use Andractim to reload your potential and shift the 5-HT1A:2A Expression Ratio. (It is a DHT-Analogue)

**The notion behind DHT-Supplements in 5-HT(1)A Regulation is based on DHT's proven Anti-Cortisol/Anti-Stress benefit as outlined in my "DHT & The Brain Article**


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