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Friday, February 5, 2016

5 Herbs that Have Similar Effects to Cocaine (Herbs that Mimic / Match Potency of Cocaine)

Within the World of Euphoria-inducing Substances, there lies a choice; a ''proven street-known buzz'' or a ''alternative legal high''... each have their own Risks. Each have potential side-effects. Each have their own 'subjective' effects. Each have their own long-term effects...

However, what most want to know in terms of 'natural' highs is whether they have *comparable* Effects. For the science-geeks and regimented pharmacological enthusiasts; the same , but in terms of 'mechanism of action'...of course, it is Possible, perhaps, even probable, to be a drug-head and a pharmaceutical genius...but , enough of that...

Here are 5 herbs that demonstrate selectivity and EFFICIENCY in the same behavioral paradigms as Cocaine - and they all produce the same dopaminergic effects, perhaps *slightly* less Potent, though.

The FIRST is known as Thunbergia laurifolia, which is shown to INCREASE (rapidly and efficiently) the amount of and release of DOPAMINE in the NAc/NAcc; the Nucleus Accumbens (1) (2) - it has memory-boosting effects as well and can block the effects of memory-dulling drugs such as Scopolamine (3) (4) (5). It also can help in detoxifying poisons such as Arsenic and Strychnine, and even Alcohol (6) (7).

It can be bought by clicking the IMAGE/LINK Below or clicking ~HERE~.

The SECOND is CATUABA Extract.

Which acts as a DIRECT Dopamine-Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor; lacking only the norepinephrine property of the Coca alkaloids.
({<see Here>})

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