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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Barlowe's Chamomile Extract Review 2018 ( Chamomile Capsules Review 2018)

I bought this Product through Barlowe's Amazon Page --> See Here

...but you could also buy it on his Home Page under Insomnia & Stress.

German Chamomile or "MATRICARIA RECUTITA", is one of the most effective, but mild herbal Anxiety-relievers, it works by blocking NMDA-receptors in the Brain [1] mainly by its Apigenin constituent [2] and it also blocks Serotonin 5-HT4-receptors [3] - which are implicated in Anxiety and Diarrhea.

It also has anti-estrogen/anti-aromatase properties [4] which means it could potentially boost Testosterone, which theoretically can have anti-anxiety properties when converted into DHT and 3-alpha-diol - as those both enhance GABA-release in the Brain [5] [6].

My findings with this product are the following...
  1. Two Capsules are sufficient for moderate Anxiety relief.
  2. The smell of the capsules is very serene and pleasant. Definitely real Chamomile!
  3. The capsules can typically be dumped into hot water and used like a makeshift Tea - however, this may be too strong for some people. Although I myself have no problem with the taste of pure Chamomile powder, others may.
  4. 3 Capsules is typically unnecessary - but can be used to help counteract too much of something like Clen or Yohimbine. Of course, you may also need something in addition to Chamomile for that purpose, like the Relaxation Supplement "Relora" which can be used at 3 capsules at once, then Chamomile 3 capsules to relieve stimulant anxiety/tachycardia.
  5. This product at ONE or TWO capsules helps me get to sleep AND stay asleep better than ANY OTHER SINGLE HERB!!!
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