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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Muscle Tech Alpha Test Review Log NEW 2018 (Muscle Tech Testosterone Booster Review)

I bought this product on Amazon's sale page - I've never seen this product Out-of-Stock or otherwise unavailable although its possible I could have missed those times. 

I've never (myself) been a fan of Muscle Tech products in particular, mostly because I think they do too much "Mass" marketing...however, I'm not going to criticize them for the very same eccentricity that I use in my writing. 

This product actually changed my view on them QUITE A BIT.

Some interesting findings before we get to the Main Review...
  1. The 'Powder' has a sweet, distinguishable Maple Syrup type smell, I assume because of the Fenugreek since no other ingredient in it has that smell. 
  2. That is...that the Shilajit clearly is not remarkable for Smell, nor is Boron, as its simply a mineral, nor is Tribulus - as I've had standalone capsules of those before...
  3. ...And Fenugreek is remarked in a NYC-crop conspiracy post as having a 'sweet' Maple Syrup smell. That article is pretty famous, many people from the area remember it. Another post also dives into the Fenugreek smell.
  4. Also read this : The Mystery of the Maple Syrup Smell.
  5. It has some good Insight, for sure.
  1. Gained a few pounds of Muscle on this product, and shed some Winterly body-fat (wasn't much to shed but still a welcome benefit). This was accompanied by an obvious increase in Gym motivation and Strength.
  2. My grip strength was noticeable increased on this, and my Wrists didn't get sore for some reason on this product. I've never been able to say that about another product before!
  3. Muscle Pumps were PRETTY EXTREME, going to lower legs and even to the abdominal area...but with primary focus to the veins in the Biceps popping out more than usual - and lateral pumps as well.
  4. Even the veins in my forehead popped out - which almost NEVER happens!
  5. This isn't meant to be a 'pump' product or nitric-oxide product, but I feel like it could blow most of them out of the water!
  6. An obvious increase in libido and random erections through the day was present on this.
  7. Another benefit was an increase in ejaculate volume.
  8. I felt more Cognitively-focused ... more specifically, my attention didn't sway as much! Especially with the nice booty walking in and out of the Gym.
  9. I felt more motivated at Work - during Construction! Not much work this season in this AREA/COUNTY. 
  10. I felt more Aggressive at the end of the second week of taking this product. I swear I didn't chainsaw anyone to Death though!!! 
FINAL RATING : 5/5 (Excellent/Exquisite Product)

  1. Not only is the smell of these capsules EXTREMELY PUNGENT, but your Urine will smell like maple syrup as well.
  2. Not to worry though! Because its a normal "side-effect" of Fenugreek.
  3. Even other products with the ingredient such as NUGENIX - an OVER-MARKETED "TV Famous" Testosterone-booster have been remarked as conferring the maple-syrup smell upon its users...although, it may be less frequent due to the way to capsulate the product.
  4. This product does not interact with any it does not contain any MAO-inhibiting herbs nor should it affect blood pressure significantly.
  5. It also does not contain any major DHT-inhibitors, and thus should actually raise the "Man's most manly hormone" DHT; Dihydrotestosterone.

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