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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Six-Star PreWorkout Explosion RIPPED Review 2018 (Six-Star PWO Review 2018)

This will be the second Six-Star product I've officially Reviewed on my Blog here.
Six Star's PreWorkout/PWO Explosion RIPPED Can be Bought on Amazon for a fairly cheap price (see here)...or in Wal-Mart and similar stores where it is often sold in very large amounts due to their affordability and popularity.

Now before anyone believes I am "downgrading" by buying these products - THINK AGAIN. I Review ALL PRODUCTS - regardless of supposed "class" and whether I think there is a need for such a Review.

...Besides, what's to say the cheaper, more widespread products are Worthless, ineffective or what not simply based on those facts and their availability???

It has not been my finding that these products are in ANY WAY worthless or low-quality. Its LabDoor reports are pretty decent [1], and the Company has been around for Ages. So that in itself should tell you people are STILL buying their products, and even though convenience isn't always the best remarkability  - it is a Reflection that THIS COMPANY - of all Companies is the one sticking around.

This product in particular did the following...

  1. I had a VERY obvious increase in Energy, and a dramatic decrease in Appetite...starting from Day 1.
  2. I noticed improved Strength, vascularity and on-ward through the first week and beyond.
  3. I noticed increased mental clarity & general focus.
  4. I noticed improved recall/Cognitive function, and slightly increased motivation for mental tasks.
  5. I noticed fat loss and improved muscle tone/definition, mostly apparent after the Second Week.
I'm not gonna lie, this product was a little sour, not the greatest taste, but tolerable, similar to Powerade. It wasn't super sweet, in fact the sourness sort of overpowered other tastes. I mixed it with Green Tea - from Wegmans.


No real 'negative' effects were noticed, other than an increase in bowel movements during the first week.

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