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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Minoxidil (Rogaine) And Hair Loss/Regrowth VS Finasteride : A True Comparison

Here at Area-1255 we first reported on the "Prostaglandin Protocol" for male hair regrowth and stopping hair loss. We currently recommend that Protocol and all of its variants for hair loss - as they do not negatively affect androgens/gonadal function nor do they cause Psychiatric symptoms associated with anti-androgens; such as Depression, Irritability, Lability, behavioral affect disturbances etc...

Other supposedly "safe" alternatives proposed by the hair loss communities, FOR Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) often include the drug Rogaine which has the ingredient Minoxidil.

However, recent studies have suggested Minoxidil has anti-androgenic properties as well. Albeit milder than other similar drugs like Proscar.

  • It may affect ENZYME expression of 5-alpha-reductase Type II as well [!].
Given these memorable attributes, it seems we can't quite put Minoxidil in the "totally safe"category. 

However...some other facts about Minoxidil.

At first - it was suggested Minoxidil was primarily a vasodilating drug that opened Potassium channels. Forward years later and we now know it has direct effects on inflammatory proteins in the Skin and as such does indeed, have a somewhat "novel" Mechanism of Action.

Now while we maintain that The Prostaglandin protocol is the only path we recommend for hair loss - we will explore a Fair comparison between Minoxidil and Finasteride for the sake of providing sound analysis and good information.


Minoxidil was proven tolerable and superior in stopping most hair loss [!] - it was given a Patent by Kahn & Upjohn in 1986 [!] and since then has produced many Generics and much advertising has been done [!].

Proscar, although proven effective for Androgenic Alopecia or "Male Pattern Baldness" (MPB), was also the one that had the most side-effects.

The Emerging Anti-Androgenic effects of Finasteride/Proscar/Propecia (including sexual side-effects) became particularly concerning, opening up a path for Lawyers to create advertising campaigns and class-action lawsuits [!]  - something already had been done in a major way with Risperidone, an anti-psychotic drug that caused some boys to develop breasts [!].

"If Lawyers are enthusiastic about targeting a Pharmaceutical company publicly, you know somethings up". ~AMx ReBorN

This quote stands to reasoning that Proscar/Finasteride is clearly a case of "playing with fire". I recommend Minoxidil vs Finasteride NOT JUST because of the side-effects of Finasteride, which have a propensity to be more severe and longer lasting...but also because the mechanism of action of Finasteride (blocking Testosterone, DHT, 3-alpha diol) is an old, tired trick that should have been done away with a long time ago!

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