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Monday, April 16, 2018

Tera's Whey Organic Chocolate Whey Protein Review Log 2018

I purchased this product on Amazon on their Product Page; which is the best price during pretty much every season of the Year. If you are a Prime Member, you will get Free Two-Day Shipping, as well.

Teras Whey is not only an a USDA-certified Organic brand of Protein (see here) but is also specifically low-carb and uses absolutely minimal sweeteners.

  1. The taste of their products is more naturally, almost earthy, but in a good sense that you know the cocoa is natural and free of impurities. It has a chocolate milkshake taste when blended right.
  2. It doesn't mix super easily with a spoon, but using the spoon and stirring vigorously will get this drink to the consistency you want eventually.
  3. The product helps in providing Energy, more than I can say for other Whey's.
  4. This product seems to produce obvious mental enhancement and a subtle mood lift.
  5. The product comes with 12-servings of two scoops each, so if you want a FULL-Month supply, expect to buy AT LEAST 3-4 canisters per Month...depending on how much Protein you intake.

  1. The product is often findable at grocery stores and supermarkets; namely Wegmans. 
  2. Vitamin World often sells it (depending on location).
  3. I've found it at GNC here and there as well.
  4. It is one of the better-tasting products that are "Organic".
  5. The chocolate flavor is WAY better than the Vanilla flavor, for THIS Brand.



*Area-1255 rates this product a stable 5/5 since it has demonstrated consistency and Quality and suits to the Authors goals. However, we believe servings per container can be improved and making it a bit more mixable could be achieved.


DAY 1: Took two Scoops of this with WHOLE MILK, on the Fair assumption it should taste AT LEAST DECENT...It is pretty good. Chocolate Milkshake type flavor but it also has a slightly *earthy* taste. 
DAY 2: This time I took two scoops twice a day; Pre and Post-Workout - definitely increases Energy level and stimulates awareness of the surroundings (cocoa?).
DAY 3: Strength was up today, used more of this than probably needed but Oh-well.
DAY 4: Rest.
DAY 5: Construction Work today - not much to call on but this product definitely makes me a little nicer...perhaps again, maybe active constituents from Cocoa are a little higher than average in this product?
WEEK 2: Definitely shed some pounds on this! Liking the Energy effects which have reached a climactic point on this Week.
WEEK 3: Strength is up yet again, starting to really see Organic Proteins as being superior...?
WEEK 4: CONCLUSION: Definitely like this brand. Although I don't foresee myself going solo with it - as I like diverse flavors, I think I will permanently include this as ONE of my MANY Proteins!

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