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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

WickedSwords Etsy Store Review 2018 by Dan Gregory (AMx ReBorN) (Wicked Swords KATANA Sword Review 2018)

This is a Review of the Etsy Store "Wicked Swords".
As well as, more specifically, the Handmade Japanese Samurai Sword; an Authentic KATANA, Full Tang Blade (Sharpened)

...As on their Etsy Page:

NOTE: Availability may fluctuate on the Etsy Page, recommend going to their Home Page for guaranteed availability.

...Of all commercially available (for sale) Sharpened Katana's, this one, pictured below - certainly has the most decorative design and my favorite mix of Colors. I s'pose it can be gender-neutral in terms of Colors, and the Blade is easily removed from the Sheathe and easily swingable. 

The seller, "Wicked Swords" - of whom I conversed with "Eric" - is very fast at engaging any questions and communicating in a sound, professional manner. 

Upon receiving the Sword, I noticed that all packing and covering was done VERY Professionally. Right down to the packing slip - you get a sense of professionalism and enthusiasm.

The Sword is exceptionally Sharp, and I'd recommend NOT touching the tip with any amount of pressure, with your fingertips; I didn't do this of course - just a word of CAUTION (common sense).

The blade easily punctures many materials and if you know anything about Katana's - its not just the Sharpness, but the curvature and blade design that makes it especially dangerous.

...As such, this Sword is a great 'Collectors' item and No I don't recommend using it to "COLLECT" heads in this Day and Age. ;-)

The handle is fairly long but not so long as to make the Sword difficult or bulky.

The Sword is NOT that Heavy, it is durable and certainly easy to use.

...I'd recommend you train with it - old-school style and see how nice it really is.

A Big Thanks to Eric and Wicked Swords on Etsy for crafting a great-hand-made Sword with Professional DESIGN and GREAT Pricing.

It runs just about 200$.


  • It easily slices boxes, some light wood and clearly can puncture anything lighter - so don't try it on live beings.
  • It came with a nice sword cover and was beautifully packed and secured.
  • The handle is very nicely constructed and makes this Sword ideal for visual appeal and practical usage - whatever that may be.
  • It is exceptionally sharp, as stated on Bullet 1 - but I figured I'd say it again just to let the Readers know its no joke. :-)
  • Its easy to swing and does not require a lot of Strength, just Technique.
  • It is cleaned and augmented prior to being shipped.

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