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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Best Butea Superba Supplement Review 2018 (Best Butea Superba Brand 2018)

Barlowe's Butea Superba Extract Review Log 2018 ( Butea Superba Review 2018)

We bought this Product as a Discount Price on the Seller's Amazon Page

Butea Superba, a powerful aphrodisiac herb which has been known to cause CLINICAL Hyperandrogenemia in Men [1], on more than a few occasions it was been reputed to skyrocket Testosterone and more importantly, DHT levels (Dihdyrotestosterone) on blood work [2] [3].

One of the few herbs remarked as a potent standalone PreWorkout herb [4], a 'true' herbal cAMP-specific (selective) Phosphodiesterase inhibitor [5]. Butea Superba was also found to be more effective than Viagra/Sildenafil for treating Erectile Dysfunction in Men [6].

The effects are predominantly vasodilation and Energization of the HPTA - an effect highly sought after by Bodybuilders and Fitness enthusiasts.

NOTE: In order to provide an absolutely UNBIASED, UNHINDERED Review - we do NOT take ANY other supplements during the Course of each product. With the exception of a SIMPLE protein powder without other ON's Whey Protein Suppplement (my favorite Whey!).


  1. Day 1: This herb is strong enough that you can actually FEEL the Effects on Day 1. That is, a sense of mental clarity. An increase in Confidence. Presumably due to an increase Androgen in secretion...although other things such as improved neurotransmission may be at play.
  2. Day 2: The herb provided increased Strength - not a TON. Definitely noticeable on Bench Press though. 
  3. Day 3: A rapid increase in Libido off-cycle was prevalent and noticeable. Moreso, an increase in Aggressive fantasies more than the Norm. My favorite!!! I don't mean Criminal, of course. More or less the product just gives you MORE of a Dominant outlook. Although this effect was MUCH MORE noticeable at the end of the second week.
  4. Day 7: I skip to Day 7 because not much changed between Day 1 and Day 6 besides what has already happened on the first few days. On Day 7, you know at the  end of the first week the effects were DRAMATIC. Total increase in Vascularity. Memorable. Veins everywhere!!! The pumps were unreal and that's WITHOUT Any Nitric-Oxide product. Literally no PWO. No beet juice. In order to perform an unbiased Review here that's what we do! We don't add in the potential for distortion.
  5. Day 15 and Beyond: This product surpassed my expectations for any single herbal supplement for boosting DHT levels. It is truly a Superior herb and anyone who disagrees can meet my fury. Just kidding. But yeah, I am certain this herb is incomparable. The level of Vasodilation/Vasodilatation that can be obtained with this herb blows N.O/Nitric Oxide products out of the water. No exaggeration.


Michael Barlowe is a great seller who sells the highest quality products. They are so high quality that I literally buy a YEARS worth of his supplements at a time. I always have AT LEAST 12 bottles around of ONLY his Butea Superba. Others vary depending on how much I need in any given time. His products are Potent and should be given great caution in those who are sensitive to such things. 

...With that being said, he is happy to answer any questions via E-mail ( or by Phone  (954-479-4320).

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  1. Replies
    1. 4 Capsules per day; two capsules in Morning, two in Evening. Sometimes 6 per day on lucky days.

    2. So 1000 MG Twice Per Day. Or PWO/PRE-SEX 6000 MG AT ONCE.

  2. Do you recommend cycling off this?

    Also, so, it is safe/OK to take at least 4 capsules at once?


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