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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review 2018 (Review of 6-Star Testosterone Booster with Boron)

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Six-Star...a company I have now reviewed two products from. Six-Star Amino's Plus Energy and Six-Star PreWorkout Explosion RIPPED.

I have never been disappointed yet by their Product Quality and Consistency

Additionally, Labdoor and other testing facilities have been pleased with their results of Six-Star products [!].


  1. Main effect is increased muscle hardness. This is apparent after about a Week, which is consistent with the studies on the major ingredient; Boron - which may raise Free Testosterone after 7-days.
  2. Second most prominent effect is : Increased libido. This can be somewhat excessive for those who know what I'm talking about...say you are in a Library and a hot girl walks etc - this certainly makes it difficult to focus on anything else.
  3. Third Most Prominent Effect: Increased ejaculate volume. This was present after 5th day. It seems it could be a good pro-fertility supplement.
  4. Fourth most prominent effect: Increased Aggression, not as much as with other Testosterone boosters (say Tongkat Ali) but definitely present.
  5. The last effect - which generally occurred on Week Two - was a STRONG sense of Motivation and Pride. It seemed to double my feelings of 'extra' motivation to earn more Money. I'm a motivated guy - but I believe this could help those struggling with Motivation.

THE "CAPLETS" - These Pills, Shown Below, are White-off tablets/caplets.
Easy to swallow, no problems with them.
They absorb well and work fast.

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