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Friday, April 27, 2018

What Personality Disorder Will The AntiChrist Have? Personality of The Man of Sin/Man of Lawlessness/Son of Perdition 2018

NOTE: The History references in This Post do not and are not in any way condemning the figures such as William I of England, Vlad the Impaler or Robert the Bruce. Those days were Violent for EVERYONE - all Major Medieval/Founding Groups; including Norse, Arabs, Saxons, Celts, Goths were Brutal. Thus, we are in no way condemning such figures as by doing so we would be discounting the fact that many of us WOULDN'T be here if not for them!

We simply are pointing out traits and making a "Theoretical Hypothesis" or "Hypothetical Archetype". 

Area, you know Bible scripture right? For us lamers and noobs can you tell us what kind of personality disorder (biblically-based) the AntiChrist/False Prophet will have? ~Ryan E~

Hi Ryan, as stated before, the "ANTI-CHRIST" is NOT a Man but the System of Religious and Political Rule created by the "Man of Sin" and his predecessors. 
  • The Man of Sin or "Son of Perdition" is the : Final World Political Leader.
  • The "False  Prophet" is the last Religious Leader or Pope.

As duly noted in our Article "The Arcane Nature of The AntiChrist" and therefore based on the Bible's verses [1] [2] [3] regarding his Self-Exaltation, fluctuating "Angel of Light/Mercy" to Angry WarLord who "with great fury shall annihilate many" - we believe he fits into one of two "COLLECTIONS" of Personnas.

1.) Malignant Narcissist + Schizoid Personality.
2.) Pure Psychopath + Schizoid/Schizotypal TRAITS. (or 'Secret' Schizoid)


  1. He will be a Malignant Narcissist; embodying an undying SELF-INFATUATION and utter Obsession with Power & Perfection and becoming God-Like. He will thus have other traits associated with this form of Narcissism; including Paranoia/Mistrust of Others, 'Egosyntonic' Aggression or Aggression 'in order to prove a point or dominance over others'.
  2. He will have (secondarily) a 'Secret' Schizoid Personality - and thus, by Nature is an INTROVERT but can appear BEYOND Competent in Public.
The Schizoid Traits: Emotionally aloof/unaffected, having no real desire to connect with others on an Emotional Level, not desiring intimate relationships and not cherishing the acts of Intimacy (making out, sex etc) in the same sense a Normal Person would.

Supporting Verse (DANIEL 11:37): He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all. 

Contrary to others believing the Anti-Christ is a "homosexual" or BiSexual because of this Verse, I disagree whole-heartedly. Even with a "Schizoid" Personality aspect, and considering the Behavior of past World Leaders/Dictators (Hitler, Stalin, Napolean etc) I believe the more likely cause of  "not having desire of women" (if translated LITERALLY) is simply that he CHERISHES POWER and this creates a GREATER RELEASE than any form of normal INTIMACY etc.

That being said - some verses and interpretations that seem to support the CONCEPT of him being an "ANDROGYNOUS" individual; having both MALE & FEMALE traits as depicted as BAPHOMET/SATAN having MALE FEATURES/BEARD but having BREASTS.

:See Image Below:

He will be the worlds most VILE individual, incredibly Parasitic, Deceptive, Self-Righteous, Relentless, treasuring Impurity, treasuring Recklessness, treasuring putting HIMSELF and others in Danger, having forms of Religious Extremism, but only to further his End. He will have  ZERO empathy for any human being on Earth, have  no 'normal' human emotions, that is, he is devoid or incapable of all Normal Human Emotions.

That is - he will lack TRUE feelings of...
  • Compassion.
  • Sadness.
  • Guilt.
  • Embarrassment.
  • Fear (for the most part).
  • Empathy (though can certainly APPEAR Empathic).

His Dominance and Business architecture will be "by any means necessary" - unscrupulous - similar to Bugsy Siegel's style - but without ANY salvation - no intention of Mercy nor receiving it from others, EXPECTING Aggression from others and EXPECTING himself to respond to others in a Ruthless, heartless, dissociated manner.

He will be OBSESSED with...
  • Immortality/Becoming God-Like or "As A God".
  • Knowing all things of Good & Evil.
  • Knowing Lost/Hidden Knowledges; having EXCLUSIVE Access to such Knowledges and Works that Contain Them.
  • Power.
  • Money.
  • Sexual Fetishes; especially Violent & Abnormal; perhaps even so for the sake of Impurity and Rebelliousness itself, perhaps even without a FULL Paraphilia/Pleasure associated with it.

Because of his Obsessive-Nature; one could say that IF a THIRD Personality type were to be defined for the Anti-Christ; it would be an "OCD-Like" disorder. More specifically, a Compulsive-Egomania in addition to Pathological or Narcissistic Megalomania.

...That is : He will, if nothing else, "compulsively" as if he is programmed like a Robot, by INSTINCT, purely HABITUALLY reinforce himself - perhaps under DIRE circumstances, or perhaps fully internalized with his instincts; GROUND-IN.

As another Page has said - this man will be a Man with so many facets to his Personality - that it will be impossible to understand his next move or the tactics he might use to get there. We believe however, that this is not a Symptom of "Multiple Personalities" but a Calculated TRICK mixed in with his Compulsive Ambition for Power - since his Mind is POSSESSED by Satan ("The Dragon") himself - one can easily assume that the Spirit "injects" him with other personalities in order to make him suitable for given situations where others mind would not work so quickly or be able to abruptly (SUDDENLY) adapt to a new Pretense or Business-Environment.

Because he would HAVE to be so CALM-under Pressure in order to fit this Role along with a lack of Normal Empathy  but the Ability to RELISH attention in Utter-Demonic-Euphoria - we have explored an additional *possibility* or CLASSIFICATION/DESIGNATION for the AntiChrists (Man of Sin) Personality.


  1. A Pure Genetic AND Conditioned Psychopath.
  2. Schizoid + Schizotypal Traits.
The Psychopath part is there REGARDLESS of whether he is a TRUE Malignant Narcissist or a "Regular" Narcissist. As Psychopathy, by definition, INCLUDES Narcissism as a "Symptom".

Therefore, there is no doubt Psychopathy, if not the first SELECTION - is the Primary "Personality Disorder" of the AntiChrist - who AGAIN - should be called by the PROPER TERM: "The Man of Sin" or "Son of Perdition" which, Perdition; meaning; eternal damnation - thus, quite literally, the Son of Perdition translates into... 
  1. the Son of Eternal Damnation
  2. or The Son who is to be Eternally Damned.
  3. Or the Man (Son) who is Forever Damned to Hell.

All reasonable explanations/terms for Such an EVIL Man/Character.

The Schizoid/Schizotypal traits denote (describe) that this Man is Child-Like in the sense that HE FANTASIZES (probably nearly all day as a Child) about "Ruling the World" or taking over the World and other Grandiose tasks.

This leans more into a Schizotypal Personality but a 'stable' one at that. It can't be his PRIMARY Personality however because he (The Man) has to be PRACTICAL (logical) to follow through and put his Fantasies into a creating or following up with, the Proper Associations - the Means (Money & Resources) to take over the World.

Thus, it is likely that "PSYCHOPATH" with Schizotypal TRAITS would be a DECENT way to describe the Anti-Christ character.

However...out of these two explanations - the ONLY way to arrive at a (likely) Stable but Having some 'sort-of' Psychotic traits along with Logic/Common Sense and yet employing the Principles of A Ruthless Psychopath - are to not call that person a Psychopath at all - as most Psychopaths could care less about "RULING THE WORLD" and are usually pretty sufficient with OWNING Businesses  etc...

Again, leads the most probable Personality Type/Disorder of the AntiChrist to...

  1. The Most Perfect Example of a MALIGNANT NARCISSIST.
  2. ...Which includes those Obsessive, Paranoid and Psychopathic traits all rolled into One - and Yes, the Child-Like fantasies and AS A CHILD - fantasizing or even RUMINATING about such things are both more Symptoms of Narcissism than Schizotypy.

DANGERS OF THIS HYPOTHESIS: Many Malignant Narcissists were probably World Leaders; although it is postulated that Hitler had BiPolar [4] or even Manic-Depressive-Dissociative traits [5] - he also had a great deal of Narcissism and the social magnetism to Push his Beliefs on several Entire Populations somewhat successfully  [6] - with a lot of 'AFTER-EFFECTS' and RESIDUAL left behind - LONG AFTER he's gone [7] (even if he isn't/wasn't really Dead).

Perhaps Nero - The Roman Emperor [8] and Napolean [9] were better examples of Malignant Narcissism - and they certainly emphasized Religion and "purity of races" a lot less and STRAIGHT-UP POWER and "ORDER" more - the more classical 'dictatorial' Power-Hungry positioning chosen frequently by Narcissistic Tyrants.

Usually, the more 'ODD' or 'ATYPICAL' the Belief system and Justification for EXTREME acts such as Mass-Murder, the more one should (logically) think : "Why go THIS far to Justify something based on a Belief no one else has to the same degree"...thus, killing people on a LARGE-SCALE because you 'BELIEVE' they are IMPURE or should simply be eliminated as they are "DESTINED" to destroy humanity and weaken their BloodLine - can be seen as Belief-Facilitated Masked Psychotic Behavior. 

Given Hitlers not-so-nice upbringing at points - it may be MORE appropriate to say that he is more Borderline Personality Disorder manifesting as AntiSocial Characteristics.

...After all, Borderlines are INCREDIBLY reckless, and, like AntiSocial Personality Disorder-affected individuals - "repeatedly put themselves and others in Danger/Jeopardy" [10].

Moreover, Hitlers seemingly unrelenting dedication and perhaps even LOVE for his Partner in Crime: Eva Braun - seems to indicate more of the Borderline-type "we-go-together" because "fuck the world" type of Personality.

...This type of Emotional Proclivity, even Obsession (by some sources) [11] is almost UNHEARD OF in Psychopaths - and in Narcissists; typically only presents in the Weak-Minded or "Compensatory" low-Confidence SAPPY Type.

...Perhaps the only PURE Malignant Narcissist in History???

While other World leaders attributed to thousands or Millions of Deaths and other atrocities; such as Stalin and Hitler - can (as we described earlier) be seen as Borderline, Brain-Damaged, downright Insane and detached or simply having a period of Life marked by repeated, uncontrolled Manic-Phases - some, like William I of England or "William the Conqueror" are more PURE in many aspects. While William was certainly ruthless - he also largely grew up without a Father hence his early nickname "William the Bastard"...and, he was under immense pressure to Perform under French Politics/Expansion. Eager to make his name BEYOND what he had been given - he may have been a 'CLEANER' example of Narcissistic Personality - although - "Warrior-Blood" may be a more accurate TERM since he didn't have quite as many ADVERSE Psychosocial factors as say, Adolf Hitler.

...William also didn't murder people for their Beliefs and while Ruthless for a point, it was generally because of the long-standing RESENTMENT between then Native Brits (Anglo-Saxon) and the Viking VS Saxon struggle for Kingsmanship and Power that went on for hundreds of Years.

...In that way, William I was more 'Nationalistic' and perhaps his ambition can be classified more as "enhancing the Notoriety of his Family Name and of the Legacy of The Normans".

...He certainly did that!


Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) can be seen as the ProtoTypical "World Example" of a Malignant Narcissist - and most of his MODERN descendants (Bushes and Prince Charles of Wales) seem to embody those traits as well.

...I have NOTHING against Bush or Prince Charles btw, I'm simply pointing out a TREND - but no worries, we on this Blog can be seen as having 'similar' traits once in a while too, as can many Bloggers and Business Owners...can't we? Or so it would seem.

Continuing On...

'Ol Drac was Paranoid, Grandiose, believed himself (and probably HAD) to have Supernatural Powers - was a CANNIBAL (maybe!) and LOOOOVED IMPALING his Enemies, Dissidents, and even JUST FOR FUN as a Child, loved torturing MICE and other small animals such as Birds [13].

He always dreamed of Unlimited Power and "being King" and demolishing other, "large and established forces" such as the Ottoman's/Then-Turkish peoples/Turks [14].

...His "Secret Society" known as the "ORDER OF THE DRAGON" was actually Created EXACTLY for THAT Purpose, eliminating the Ottoman-rule and ANNIHILIATING THE TURKS [15].

Although the Chapter/Society was effectively created/ordered 'technically' by the Holy Roman Emperor "Sigismund" (Also King of Hungary) - genetically the area of Hungary and then Wallachia are almost identical - even to today!

...Besides, Vlad was the main "suggester" and "implementer" and ESPECIALLY had more enthusiasm in the Society and about its Goals. He was the one who ultimately "rid the World" of the Ottoman-Empire, after all [16].

Early in his Life, him and his Family/Sons were captured and attacked by Ottoman (Turkish) Administrators - it is likely that even though they spared him, and then repaid his kind pseudo-subservience to them in such Gratitude for being Tutored and holding *some* position - that Vlad, and this getting to the point of his NARCISSISTIC SELF - felt some Resentment, as he simply DID NOT LIKE the fact that ANY BODY - including a GOVERNING BODY could ever assert THEIR Authority over a Young, Aggressive, Dominant Vlad.

...Thus, Vlad wasn't playin'around when he MURDERED 80,000 TURKS and also TAUNTED their fine-Religious values and daily sit-downs [17].

AFTER That Point - it was ALL Power and Legacies for Vlad - and his notoriety inspiring one of the most famous Legends/Novels STILL to this day - Bram Stokers "DRACULA".

...The KING OF Transylvania and the TRUE Representative of the "Order of The Dragon".

Also known as.... ORDO DRACONUM. (LATIN)

So there you have it...

We've referenced Biblical Accounts/Verses, Logical Accounts AND Historical Accounts all to get an understanding of the "Final World Leader" and his Personality - and who it would ACTUALLY Compare to and not 'SORT OF' compare to - based on flawed logic and ASSUMPTIONS; that say "Hitler was a Psychopath" or Napolean was a "Narcissist" etc.

...Its always better to be ACCURATE versus making ASSUMPTIONS which are either based on exaggerations or faulty sources or simply don't match up with the Persons demeanor - and a lot of times...people are THAT Blind that the obvious answer is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. They don't know it.

...Or they don't want to see it - because they want to be convinced that the tiny little paper they skimmed through years ago - containing mostly OPINIONS - is FACT and thus, adds to their "Knowledge" of "The Truth"...then perhaps, Narcissism is now simply a Global Element, even among theologists and Christians who may, in many cases CHOOSE Narrow-Mindedness in favor of HARD, COLD, LOGICAL DIGGING.


Written with help of Our Co-Founder and Resident Theologian
AMx ReBorN AKA Dan Gregory

And Spiffed up by our Editor : M.Binakaveru

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