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Friday, January 8, 2016

Counter-Acting Harmaline/Syrian Rue Side-Effects (Without going to the E.R)

Tachycardia, Tremors, Panic, Delirium, Irritability, Mania, Anxiety-Binge's, sensory euphoria with Irrational Reality/s...these are Just a few of the primitive side-effects of the OH-SO-EUPHORIC SYRIAN-RUE.
(but only if you use ridiculously excessive amounts, generally)

The mystical plant from Syria has a lot going for it though, and ONE HELL-OF-ALOT-OF-BENEFITS; that's taking it Lightly.

  • It EXTENDS the hallucinogenic experience.
  • It provides a relaxing-euphoria (most of the time).
  • It creates a BUZZ.
  • It manifests personality and psychological changes (usually for the better).
  • It prolongs the effects of MANY OTHER SUBSTANCES. (not just DMT, Folks)

No but seriously, I like the product.

...but if you use too much of it, namely with other stimulants ; it can make for one not-so-pleasant experience. (I never let it get this far, of course)...but I've come pretty close - and seen others who have as well..fortunately I keep a fair amount of 'counter-actions' around for my non-docile experiments.

Scientifically proven alleviations, so to speak.

  1. SAFFRON EXTRACT (1) : helps with anxiety and tremors. *Proven*
  2. Beta-Blocker's (2) (3) : decreases the rapid heart rate, rapidly. ** Also Proven **
  3. favorite; Bob Marley's drink : MELLOW MOOD. (always keep these around!)

*This triplet helped me in a great amount of ordeal's and situations, not just with side-effects; but also in general, years ago with Stress during a hard-point in my Life*

It's an ongoing phenomenon - but the best table of Excuse's to go by is clearly...

And yet, I s'pose anything can be turned into Satire, eh?????

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