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Monday, January 11, 2016

Natural / Pharmaceutical CB1 Antagonists (Natural/Herbal Cannibinoid-1-Receptor Blockers)

CB1-Receptors are a class of Cannibinoid-Receptors (which bind endocannibinoids and THC) - they are densely populated in the Hypothalamus and Hippocampus (1) (2) - since the hypothalamus is implicated in feeding behavior/human appetite - and due to the Projection of CB1-neurons to the mesolimbic dopamine pathway - CB1 antagonists have been developed to help curb appetite and treat Obesity (3) (4).

THINK : Marijuana causes ''the munchies'' or ''extreme cravings'' which then leads to dramatically increased food consumption.

Additionally, CB1-receptors impinge on GABA-ergic cell bodies and PVN/MPOA neurons which govern sexual functions; inhibiting penile erection in men and arousal in females (5) (6).

By antagonizing (blocking) CB1-receptors; one can expect enhancement of sexual function/s and increased Testosterone levels as well (7) (8).



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