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Friday, January 8, 2016

Easy, Simple Affiliate Programs 2016 (No Fee, Simple Explanation, No SPAM, Newbie-Friendly)


¤ÄŕεΔ-1255 is here Again with another 'note of the century' - this time to reelaborate on the necessity of Affiliate Program's in our culture.
Affiliate Programs have mixed reports amongst common Internet opportunity seeker's - they can be very difficult to deal with and many of them either ask for.

A.) A fee or incentive before signing up.
B.) Multiple verifications and / or Ad-Clicking as a preliminary 'Introduction Commission'.

This is quite ridiculous, and a huge issue for many. I have been through HUNDREDS of Programs and it annoys the shit 'outta me that I see all these places leading people on through ad's upon ad's - leaving people wanting to scratch their brain cell's out through these lengthy endeavor's.

I was O.K dealing with it for a short-while (sites like clickbank, ProBux, ClickSense and other PTC-sites). Then there's the survey-garbage - shit I can't stand after a's just the same things over and over again, and as a wise man once said...

The ONLY Reality is that we MUST look at FREE-site's and Program's that aren't looking to incapacitate us with rigorous Ad Clicking Campaign's!

So, I won't bug ya with long lines anymore...cus I know how it feels. 

Here are the BEST POSSIBLE NEWBIE Affiliate Programs for 2015-2016

All they require is a free Sign-Up and then posting links on your website; no programming knowledge is needed - Heck, you could even print/fax the links on a piece of paper! You can easily 'shrink' the links but either way; easy as Pie!

1.) The "All Saints" Affiliate Program.                    {scroll to 'Affiliate Program'}

The "All Saints" is an Easy program to use; their products are PDE-5 Inhibitors ({Penis Pills}) which are VERY EASY to Push if you play your Card's right. One of the products is a 'Testosterone Gel' which is literally FAMOUS for increasing libido and treating 'man-boob's - more than any other product on the market !

There is no dispute over this.

Just look it up! Or you can see here and here for testimonials. 

☞ These are 'off-site' non-=-sponsored-Testimonials which are INDEPENDENT.
  ▷ Of course, that's not your concern, your concern is MAKING MONEY. 


  •  Check
  •  Bank Wire Transfer

2.) The Infamous AMAZON Affiliate Program. 
click the link above or the banner below to go to the Sign-Up Page|~

Amazon has a DIRTY-SECRET, they allow YOU to make MONEY by referring people to ANY PRODUCT, BY ANY SELLER on THEIR SITE! :o

Ya See, that wasn't so bad now was It??


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