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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pro's and Con's of Using Naltrexone to Treat Male Sexual Dysfunction (A Broad View on a Difficult Question)

Naltrexone may very well be, one of the most effective substances for male-sexual enhancement and dysfunctions; when used Properly.

Even though, this is not the intent nor medical application of the drug, under most circumstances, it has been studied in the context of both opiate-induced-impotence and in fairly large studies of Men with idiopathic Impotence (E.D with Unknown Aetiology) (1) (2).

Naltrexone also increases 'intensity of arousal' and orgasm frequency (3).

In Healthy, normal Men even, there is a reported in enhancement in sexual functioning (4) (5)

Additionally, it has anti-aging benefits and anti-stress benefits (6) (7).

A Couple Initial . Notes before we get into the deeper discussion...
  • In any case, Naltrexone for sexual improvement should be used at a MINIMUM of 12.5 ((MG)) but PREFERABLY 25 - 50 mg ONCE / per day or 25mg TWICE/ day.
  • It can not, should not be used with Modafanil or Yohimbine under any circumstances; and Caffeine intake should be low as possible until a further assessment of Tolerance/Sensitivity is committed to.

NOW, to the big picture.

PRO's of Using Naltrexone to treat Male Sexual Dysfunctions / Erectile Difficulties

  • It seems to help with the libido component, more than other 'medically recommended' chemicals.
  • It supports dopamine production through indirect pathways as well as other neurotransmitter systems like glutamate and nitric oxide (N.O/nNOS) (!) (!!)
  • It affects orgasm quality and frequency whereas other drugs such as Viagra & Cialis seem not to.
  • It has tons of other benefits not limited to; anti-aging, stress issues, memory dysfunctions/cognitive flexibility issues and some Psychiatric disorders.

  • Naltrexone may produce Anxiety in some individuals as it produces mild nervous system stimulation.
  • Naltrexone may dramatically alter sensitivity to Stimulant's (!!!).
  • Naltrexone alter's sensitivity to Alcohol (!!!!).
  • It probably won't help an issue caused by heavy drinking or serotoninergic drugs.
  • It will not ''cure'' a dopamine deficiency nor a prolactin excess.
  • It will not help much, if at all, if the issue stems from E2 Excess; estrogen excess (high levels of the female hormone).
  • It may have more side-effects if you are overweight.
  • It can produce a small increase in heart rate.
  • The Pills taste nasty.


The Answer to both Questions is No.

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