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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Does a Cereal-Only Diet Cause Anxiety? Will Eating Only Cereal Cause or Worsen my Anxiety?

My my, this is a big one. The art of Eating Cereal seems to have evolved into somewhat of a passion; heck, people even make Meme's about it!!

So somewhere with in all the purported delight - and all the enthused Cereal Enthusiasts - is there a downside?

Sorry, but for Many the answer is YES.

There a FOUR Main Nutritional Explanations as to WHY too much Cereal is hazardous to our MENTAL HEALTH.

Without being too Crude, I will let simplicity maintain the Majority of this bout.

  • Eating ONLY Cereal means our macronutrient intake is severely one-sided. Specifically, we are getting TOO MUCH Carbohydrate and most probably too much  SUGAR as well. Even if we assume the Cereal you are eating is LOW on Sugar, is 'Diet' or 'Unsweetened' - the problem remains - ITS ALL CARBS!! This means that our brain is constantly being stimulated with glucose, and our body's are operating on a constant INSULIN-SUGAR-BINGE which, in many cases, leads to mental health issues - or at the least; Anxiety. (1) (2) (3)
    • Eating ONLY Cereal (even if HIGH-PROTEIN) leads to a disproportionate amount of AMINO's (Amino Acids)...for example; we get BETTER QUALITY Protein from MEAT, and FISH than from NUTS And GRAINS. That means ALL ESSENTIAL component's are THERE. Our BRAIN's need PROTEIN-DENSE foods for Proper does our mental health, then. <SEE HERE> (4) (5)
  • The third MAJOR reason for Cereal-Induced Anxiety is VITAMIN DEFICIENCY. Now, EVEN IF Your Cereal is FORTIFIED with VITAMINS - it doesn't Matter Much. HERE'S WHY : When you eat A SHIT-LOAD OF CARBS, your BRAIN/BODY have to INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF VITAMINS USED to Accommodate the INCREASED GLUCOSE layman's Term's - that simply means that all those vitamins Fortified in the Cereal do pretty much no good - and go right in the toilet if Cereal is eaten in EXCESS..because the other fraction of that Cereal is still being metabolized by all those 'helpful vitamins'. (6) (7)
  • AND FINALLY, the mixture of Processing, excess carbs and POOR CARB:PROTEIN ratio in high-Cereal DIETS can NEGATIVELY IMPACT DIGESTION and thus Lead to additional Metabolic Issues (problems with Energy and Metabolism) - a study recently showed that FORTIFICATION or SUPPLEMENTATION with the amino-acid L-LYSINE in high-cereal diets (in SYRIA) can help REDUCE ANXIETY and STRESS-LEVELS. {both from environmental factors and due to Poor Nutrition}

So, do we REALLY have ANY EXCUSE to Eat  Like SYRIAN's?

Now...don't get me wrong - I have nothing against their Culture; in fact , A LOT of fascinating stuff comes from Syria..but I just think we should improve our WESTERNIZATION to implement more health-conscious scoundrels in our Society (!)...sorry, had to Add a little Humor there...thanks for Reading!!

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