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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Symptoms/Signs of High And Low Endorphin Levels (Including Psychological Manifestations) (Symptoms of High/Low Brain Opioid Activity)

Area-1255 : is here again with another 'outside the box' article. This time we will be exploring the differences between high and low endorphin symptomology ; this will give us a sort of 'routine' to deliberate on before making any particular medical decisions and / or consultations.

*MANY* (but not all) endocrine disorders (hormone disorders) stem from dysfunctional opioid systems (1) in the Brain, Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nervous System (2). This includes receptor downregulation and / or supersensitivity (3)

This is demonstrated, not just in opioid dependent individuals but Also those with congenital (from birth) opioid-receptor mutations/polymorphisms (4) (5) (6) (7).

Here we will go over the acute and long-term effects of physiological opioid-function abnormalties and endorphin imbalance/s.

The SYMPTOMS of Very HIGH β-Endorphin and / or DYNORPHIN levels (includes naturally or genetically) are...

  • Social Isolation, and low social motivation (8) (9)
  • Impulsivity (due to excess Kappa/k-opioid activation, dynorphin mediated) (10) (11) (12)
  • Depression or Anhedonia (Emotional Numbness) (13) (14)
  • Low/Absent Sex Drive (15) (16) (17) (18)
  • Low Testosterone / Universal Hypogonadism in either Sex (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24)
  • Infertility : in both Men and Women ; Low Sperm Count, Lack of ovulation (25) (26) (27) :-: (28) (29) (30)
  • COGNITIVE INFLEXIBILITY (unable to switch Tasks easily and unable to understand or unwillingness to Internalize what one is not used to; unable to pick up new 'concepts' and generally resorts to what one knows) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35)
  • Indifference, lack of competitive behavior, doesn't care about 'Winning' or 'Losing' (36) (37).
  • EXTREME FATIGUE / LETHARGY (38) (39) (40) (41)
  • Lack of the Ability to ''Cry''. (42) (43) (44)
  • Constipation (45) (46)

To correct most of those issues you must.
  • Resolve the underlying hormonal imbalance (too much Progesterone or Estrogen etc)
  • Use Naltrexone in the short-term if no anxiety disorder is present. (25-50 mg once per day)
  • Use Cialis to counter-act the sexual deficits in the short-term. (5-20 mg once per day)

TO Permanently SOLVE Opioid IMPOTENCE & Sexual Deficit as well as REVERSING/CORRECTING NATURALLY HIGH OPIOID-ENDORPHIN AXIS LEVELS, simply Click the ~Image~ below.

The SYMPTOMS of Very LOW β-Endorphin and / or DYNORPHIN levels (includes naturally or genetically) are...

  • Anxiety; especially anticipatory Anxiety (47) (48)
  • Residual Ruminations (feelings of excess/persistent dread or tremor after traumatic/stress event/s) (49)
  • Risk-Taking Behavior (living ''on edge'') (50) (51)
  • Loves working Out; sometimes to the Point of 'over-training'. (52)
  • Workaholicism and Fast, Intuitive, Bright and Dedicated mind, but with underlying internal anxiety and persistent emotional fastening/Reservations. (53) (54) 
  • Depressive, even Suicidal tendencies in *some* individuals Affected. (depends on other factors; such as psychosocial status , income, past experiences and personality traits as well as belief system influence/s) (55)
  • Rigorous 'testing' or even compulsive behavior; constant checking; O.C.D (!)

**It is important to note that both high and low beta-endorphin levels can lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder**.


  1. I would pick up several signs of high beta-endorphin levels for myself if I haven't read the second list. Is it perfectionism?)
    I see there's different depression and anxiety/ocd/phobia out there.
    I don't quite well understand difference between social anxiety and anticipatory type of it. Is it only physical tension?
    Always loved doing everything fast or very fast. But huge problems with pleasure from routine.
    'Association of beta-endorphin with specific clinical symptoms of depression.' - @beta-endorphin level correlated significantly with psychic anxiety and with phobia. In the depressed group only, beta-endorphin also correlated significantly with obsessions/compulsions.@; 'Influence of β-Endorphin on Anxious Behavior in Mice: Interaction with Ethanol' - @However, mice lacking β-E demonstrated an exaggerated anxiolytic response to EtOH in these assays.@
    By the way it seems what we want to achive people get simply smoking.

    1. True, CB1 Receptors instigate beta-endorphin release as well; hence the Popularity of Marijuana in Stress-Management.

  2. I’m definitely more on the high endorphins list. I feel just completely flat. I just got a prescription for Low dose naltrexone. I don’t understand how something that raises endorphins could help if I’m already high?? Can you please explain.

    1. You use NORMAL-HIGH Dose [25-50 MG Once Per Day] Naltrexone to block Opioid-Activation and to "disinhibit" the Dopaminergic and Pyramidal Neurons.
      ~Regards, Jay


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