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Friday, August 11, 2017

5 Rules for Securing Your Profits and Establishing a Marketing Empire

If you aim for success and have consistent motivation towards your goals this is always a good start, but it won't land you into fame & fortune and it won't make you rich. In order to do that - you need to remember 5  golden rules.

1.) Build, Secure & Reinforce your Foundation.
Every marketing empire is built on foundation. You should have a strong supportive base of stable payee's and employee's, but at the base should be high-grade servers, the best of tools needed to perform your actions swiftly, and above  all, Insight into what makes and amplifies your company's momentum. Furthermore, you should be at the base building the strategy  that makes you successful, keep in mind that this base is the task at hand, and there is no nobility seat until you have fortified that base. There should be no glee in building it unless there is strategy first. It takes an analytical mindset to get  this done the right way. Everything has its proper place, and to understand  that is the beginning of big money. 

2.) Create a functional division in communications.
This rule is something to remember both for hierarchy of your company and also in your living situation. Company secrets should never stay with anyone but yourself, including the very deep details of these rules listed here. A healthy degree of paranoia is warranted, and trust from employee's is earned. Loyalty should be rewarded equally, but each person should be looked at from their own merit. Whatever spontaneity they bring, is gold, and should be rewarded and their ego praised. A functional division in communications entails such a open-mind and a strong eye for detail and behavior that  much of this relates back to Psychology. Therefore, a strong leader is able to read his people and nourish their psyche's where acceptable.

3.) Get rid of Distractions, Nuisances and Obstructions.
Putting all this in motion also requires an eye for your enemy. That includes marketing competitors but most of all, an eye for infiltration. You can't keep an empire if you can't catch the intruder within their first few steps in. Remembering that your power and position is not 100% without being pro-active is of course, an incredibly important rule. Using necessary force, is then also necessary. Where and when needed is good to remember. Where first, because place of impact is important first, timing only matters if you've got the place of impact right.

4.) Internalize your backup plans and methods.
The backup plans are also essential, in fact crucial. Without them you have no reinforcement and you've already broken rule #1. But this rule is less about facilitation of defenses than it is about prevention of disruption. Your best bet in a business empire is making sure that you YOURSELF have the necessary backup plans in a modern world full of inconvenience, arrogance and deception. The ultimate take-down of any company almost always includes dirty tactics like name smearing, fabrication and direct insult on reputation that often also comes from fabrication. So you need to  have an every-day-ready and updated approach to dealing with such nonsense. You also have to be eager to be aggressive in these approaches. Without all of this, your name could be lost and all of your work for nothing.

5.) Magnify the Concept.
Magnification of your brand, your name and your leadership is the fifth golden rule. In every way possible, expand the notoriety of your capability and the empire you now lead. Make it about you. You have to instill within yourself and your  leading counsel that you are capable of anything and that you WILL keep your position - not that you intend to keep your position - that is where other company's and empires fail. Intend leaves open the possibility of cutting yourself short. Therefore, it leaves open a small probability (or maybe a large one) that you will fall, at some point. So proliferating a powerful image is key to starting and keeping your business empire going strong. Unprecedentedly strong. That is the word to keep and your business profile should reflect that. You yourself  are responsible for what image you reproduce and what you are to look like from the outside in. You could end up looking strong for a moment, and weak the next, if you don't keep tabs on your wording, too. Therefore, managing your own speech and your own communications are key to magnifying the company profile.

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