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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dopamine Antagonist Supplements (Dopamine Blocker Supplements)

WARNING: All information contained herein is not to replace a Physician's advice! Please note that not one of these recommendations is meant to be universal. If you take these supplements you will likely not notice as many (or any) side-effects that are associated with dopamine reduction. Though, you still run a similar risk of stomach discomfort, as with other supplements.

Dopamine can be too high or too low for a number of reasons [1] [2] [3], but dopamine excess as in a gross excess only of dopamine is not actually that common [4]. For example, even schizophrenics often have other imbalances there are the predominant problem (low  glutamate etc) [5], whereas high dopamine is secondary and a result of those primary imbalances.

But for those who do not get satisfactory results from working on those pathways, and their Psychiatric symptoms remain, dopamine antagonists may help. Still, its worth noting that this pathway is very sensitive and any blockade of dopaminergic pathways is more likely to create side-effects than say, stimulating the glutamate pathways or cholinergic pathways. Even though most do not report significant side-effects from these supplements.

What are the reasons for using a dopamine reducing supplement?

  1. To reduce particularly, delusions of grandeur in Psychotic disorders or personality disorders [6].
  2. To reduce hypersexuality [7].
  3. To reduce prefrontal imbalance [8].
  4. To reduce CNS dysfunction [9].
  5. To reduce excessive motivation [10].
What are some dopamine antagonist/blocker supplements?
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1.) Stephania root extract [!] : A potent natural D2-antagonist that has remarkable antipsychotic and calming properties. Dosing should follow the label. Liquid products are advised due to higher bioavailability of the constituents. 

2.) 5-HTP [!] : The serotonin precursor 5-HTP is probably the most well-known dopamine-reducing supplement, due to the readily available research on serotonin's well-known opposing influence on dopaminergic neurons. Doses range from 300-500 mg daily.

3.) Bacopa Monnnieri Exract [!] : This might actually be the best option on this list; its both a nootropic (smart drug) and a natural-dopamine antagonist - so you can reduce dopamine moderately but improve cognitive functions.

4.) Melatonin [!] : Melatonin has modest dopamine-antagonist actions but it is selective so it can benefit mental disorders characterized by high dopamine without reducing the neuro-chemical widespread.

5.) Noni Juice [!] : If you are more traditional and would rather consume or drink an anti-dopamine substance, Noni Juice might be best for you - it contains valuable nutrients and can sustain other neurotransmitters while modestly lowering dopamine selectively.

*When used properly, all of these supplements have the capability to reduce psychotic symptoms. If however you notice no benefit (or significant enough) then you may want to contact your Doctor.

Also, before going on a course of antipsychotic medication (such as Aripiprazole or Risperidone), check hormones and other factors that may contribute to neurotransmitter imbalance. Factors such as.....

  • Thyroid hormones which are implicated in dopamine excess and psychotic disorders [!].
  • Estrogen excess or deficiency, of which both can cause mental disorders [!].
  • Cortisol excess which can cause psychotic symptoms [!].
  • ACTH excess which causes stress-induced psychotic symptoms [!].
  • HVA, VMA, DOPAC and NORMETANEPHRINE which are blood/urine metabolites which indicate neurotransmitter activity and breakdown [!].


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