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Sunday, August 13, 2017

When to add in HGH (Human Growth Hormone, Fat Loss, Timing of HGH)

This may be one of the most important topics in Bodybuilding - when do you add in HGH (human growth hormone)?

Let's first go over the concept of including HGH in a cycle.

CONCEPT : HGH promotes fat loss in weeks but amplifies muscle gain by Androgens.

HGH promotes fat loss in humans [1], this process normally takes weeks but if you want a six-pack and that shredded, defined look then HGH is your #1 tool (besides Clen and caf) [2]. You are going to find that HGH produces results that are fairly quick and most certainly efficient [3] but you are also going to find that it works nothing like a stimulant [4]. A stimulants actions are defined by a decreased appetite [5] and improved thermogenic metabolism [6]. HGH on the other hand works directly in the fat cells to trigger fat loss by both mobilization and by modulating cellular activities [7]. Because of that HGH is almost guaranteed to cause fat loss. 

In terms of synergism with Androgens, HGH is practically the perfect synergist.

HGH and its metabolite; IGF-1, actually increase and renew the number of hormone receptors allowing for improved sensitivity to androgens and other anabolic compounds [8]. This results in a functional enhancement in anabolic activity more than any one hormone or  anabolic compound can do *alone*. That would be the golden answer folks have been looking for for centuries. People would always ask "why if HGH has lesser anabolic activity do people get huge''. What about the HGH gut? What about the reports of massive muscle growth that ONLY happened after HGH was added? That's exactly it. HGH is THAT SYNERGIST. It caused it! All because of new receptors and complementary effects that were and are the perfect synergist.

There's no other explanation as to why HGH works THAT GOOD.

So when do you add in HGH?


You add it in AT ANY TIME but PREFERABLY whenever you have started a heavy lifting program and you are a couple weeks into your Test-cycle. That's when you add it in. You could do it right in the beginning but when you have a testosterone shot that has been saturating your muscles for a while that's when you want to start amplifying the effects! 

Multiple forum reports corroborate this and well-studied athletes will remark this.

Any research that comes from universities and top labs can not deny this  fact.

HGH also can provide immunity boost [9], and can actually protect the heart from certain conditions, sorta like an inotropic effect [10].


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