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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Best Peptide Stores 2017 (Best Research Chemical Sites 2017)

Peptides and research chemicals are of growing popularity, they substantially improve research and allow for new researchers to set up shop [1] [2]. Perhaps most importantly, they allow for major advancements in the area of health & life-extension [3] and as such, all shops selling them (of the legitimate ones) are allowing pivotal research to continue and progress. 

But not all shops are the same, some are just plain garbage and others are watering down their products [4], so its the reviews you have to look for that determine the quality of these shops.

Then its also their practices, if they utilize sketchy processing methods, or if their materials and chemicals aren't consistent in texture or appearance or in their analysis (HPLC etc) doesn't check out, then validation of the chemicals is impossible and thus, another seller gets added to the fraudulent shop list [5].

I'm going to tell you which suppliers I'VE actually tried out, and who provides not just Quality, but Consistency...with references.

Best Peptide Stores 2017 / Best Research Chemical Shops 2017
-------------------------------------------------------------- : A vendor that is well-reviewed [10] [11] [12] and respected, and has all of the right paperwork to show for their legitimacy. They sell YK11 and others as a solution, and theirs has been remarked as the most potent and always consistent. The delivery vehicles (chemicals that are Safe and help absorption) that they use are unique to them. They also have a team of well-trained Chemists available to answer questions!

CEM-Products : Consistently, and for years has been around, fulfilling orders in a timely manner and delivering new & quality products, they do their jobs well and stay on top of the game, and, like IRC.Bio, are well reviewed [13] [14] [15]. Their PT-141, Caber and YK11 are their best products IMHO.

RUI-Products : Another three letter code-phrase, but this one is equally legit, RUI has been around for years as well and has not disappointed much, hardly at all in fact, there were a few isolated cases but for the most part, any problems with orders were resolved when asked. I have not been disappointed by any of their peptides [16] [17] [18].

International Peptide : Another well-reviewed source [19] [20] [21] and very high-quality SERMS, AI's and stuff like YK11 (new SARM). ;)
While shipping can occasionally take a little longer with them, for the most part they are on-point and very fast and professional. Highly recommended!

Blue Sky Peptide : Blue Sky Peptides are and have been a legitimate source of high-quality peptides since 2014. They have been around and definitely know which products are in-the-game and which are nonsense. Friendly staff members and easily reachable customer support as well as fast shipping make this product the only #5 on this list!

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