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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Specific Details Relating to The Best Kratom Vendors of 2017/2018

Top Extracts

Diversity in Product Type

  • They offer capsules, resin, powder and extract.
Amount Selection
  • They allow you to select different quantities of order and each strain offers a similar selection.
Great Prices and Seasonal Deals

  • Flat prices : 20-30$ for capsules.
  • Multiple selections and price ranges of 15-230$ for powders.
  • Easily accommodating considering organic and sometimes extra's thrown in.

  • Red Horn, Super Green, Red Borneo, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, White Borneo, Yellow indea.
  • Many new strains coming soon!

Customer Support & Returns
  • Excellent by-email customer support and quick responses.
  • Returns within 7-days but guaranteed refund.

SoCal Kratom

  • Recommended on Reddit.
  • Family Oriented.
  • Quality always consistent.
  • Offers sample-packs.
  • Up to date on strain popularity and subsequent offers.

Kratom Crazy

Product Value

  • Quality of strains and new novel strains is unprecedented.
  • Deals occasionally offered and these should not be passed up!
  • Amount of product for price exceeds the benefits of many other vendors.
Amount Selection

  • Similar to TopExtracts; multiple options are given on checkout.
  • Kratom Crazy offers UP TO 2000 capsules per order and multiple orders if necessary.
  • As seen above, multiple checkout options and incredible flexibility with almost limitless combination options and ways to combine orders.
  • Company works with you and can accommodate most shipping inquiries.
  • Company has a well-trained staff team.
Strain selection for both Capsules and Powders
  • Mostly unique to this company, that whether you buy capsules OR powders, or any other kind of Kratom, they offer ANY of their many strains.

Generally within a few hours, is the LATEST response, and many times wthin 30 mins. Considering the amount of orders they receive daily, that is impressive!

Herbal Salvation

  • Offers many deals.
  • Has great prices.
  • Highly recommended on reddit.
  • Has many strains.
  • Great customer support!
Eternally Herbal

  • Also highly recommended on Reddit.
  • Offers multiple deals and sometimes specific discounts.
  • High-quality products.
  • Watch for new strains.
  • High regard for customer service.

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