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Monday, August 7, 2017

Belief, Faith and Human Aggression & Violence

"He who in belief is bound to fury, for in belief he holds his weapon and his environment justifieth his use"

Belief. The art of believing with all fury and force that ones values they fight for are correct. That they are of a higher calling, these are the most noble of passions but also those with the most unprecedented outcomes. Outcomes that often, come with violence. If not the hatred on the opposing side then the aggression toward non-believers, for in its perverted sense that the opposer not believe - that his ideology is wrong and his soul impure.

If one is bound by nothing but deception and the complete lack of restraint fueled by non-belief then those of the believers have something to offer, or something to hate.

These are the sentiments that differentiate believers vs nonbelievers. These critical differences in belief are a starting point for much outrage. But its not as simple as saying "if we wipe out religion then there will be peace", surely, religion and faith often, by their code, help to establish the very peace that non-believers believe they have destroyed.  As if all religious groups are one group. Like they are all a certain race. Therefore I have as much against the Atheists who believe this as I do the extremists who radicalize their thought process. 

Among each group is a group of hypocrites, and a smaller group within that group with larger a hypocrisy, and it gets worse the deeper you dig, each faction of each group having some degree of a larger hypocrisy; fueling the void that endangers every human being. 

The larger the hypocrisy the more violent the reproach. The worse the interaction. The less peaceful the protest.

Why is it always the most stringent and fervent believers that come to devalue imperfection yet they exercise the strongest of hatred, and the non-believers who sit behind the curtains committing their own impure acts - are just as guilty. Those who follow the Biblical code that in themselves are bound to it, and they follow less a belief based on church values they themselves prosper spiritually. I believe that. I also believe though that there's a healthy balance between human innovation and spiritual integration. Each features the ability of cooperation and coordination. Each can be thought of a good human value. But to take those traits and devalue their original concepts to criticize trivial features of another human population is nonsense!

So without losing too much ambiguity I'm going to say that my final utterance here is that peace is only going to occur when respect happens first amongst humans, followed by analysis, followed by belief & faith. In the hearts of people I hope faith & belief come first. But on the surface, I think mutual respect is key to finding the darkness within people, then analysis as to how to approach then that belief and faith can be tapped into to promote peace. But for that to happen, people won't have to modify their beliefs, just their temperament.

~AMx Reborn~


  1. I believe there is lots of truth in "The larger the hypocrisy the more violent the reproach. The worse the interaction. The less peaceful the protest". We see that in many liberal based protests that have occurred in the past year.

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