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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Symptoms of Low Pregnenolone Levels (Signs of Pregnenolone Deficiency Men & Women)

Pregnenolone is a neurosteroid [1] and steroid hormone precursor [2], that is, it both acts in the Brain to exert steroid-like effects [3] regulating mood [4] and stimulating cognition [5]. For the most part Pregnenolone acts as a precursor hormone to Progesterone & DHEA [6]. By serving as raw material for these hormones, Pregnenolone along with its other actions is considered a ''master hormone'' involved in key aspects of youth, alertness, well-being and homeostasis [7] [8] [9]. Because of these vital functions, any pregnenolone deficiency is often a principal cause of illness, especially fatigue syndromes like CFS [10].

In order to find the symptoms associated with specifically Pregnenolone deficiency, we scoured the internet and the NIH database, and also talked to one of our friends in the medical industry. That would allow us to come up with this list of symptoms - well referenced in order to give a viable list, not just one that satisfies the average viewer. 

The Symptoms of Low Pregnenolone / Pregnenolone Deficiency Are.....

  • Fatigue/low energy [!].
  • Sense of being unwell [!].
  • Increased susceptibility to stress and decreased adaptation. [!]
  • Loss of alertness [!].
  • Poor memory/brain fog [!].
  • Other Hormone imbalance [!].
  • Sexual dysfunction/low libido [!].
  • Bone loss [!].
  • Thyroid abnormalties [!].
  • Low levels of sex hormones [!].

Given all of these important functions (and problems associated with low levels), who would NOT want to normalize and ensure they have adequate Pregnenolone (PREG). Pregnenolone is reported to improve alertness, cognition and overall well-being in just about everyone who supplements with it. Its not a disputed fact.

  1. Ray Peat has written a long article on it [!].
  2. Mercola has own section on it [!].
  3. Life Extension has multiple articles [!].
  4. Ray Sahelian has talked about it [!].
  5. Multiple high-class universities constantly study it in relation to brain and overall health [!].
So how do we RESTORE levels of this vital hormone?????

  1. We can supplement with it. Here's a good brand of Pregnenolone : Life Extension Pregnenolone.
  2. We can exercise more and increase nutrition intake ESPECIALLY of Cholesterol which is needed to produce it [!].
  3. We can get more vitamins and minerals, including rare ones like Boron and Vanadium which are thought to help central steroid production [!].
  4. We can improve protein intake which can support Pregnenolone synthesis [!].
  5. We can reverse other aging factors that limit Pregnenolone like oxidative stress and adrenal dysfunction [!].


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