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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Supplements/Medications To Reduce Excess Acetylcholine Levels

In our last major acetylcholine article; Symptoms of High Acetylcholine levels, we elucidated the main 'symptoms' of excessive acetylcholine. What we didn't discuss, are specific  treatments or *possible medications that may alleviate the symptoms. 

The reality is a much more complicated task than raising acetylcholine levels (as we could eat eggs and other foods with choline). However, it must be noted that dietary factors must be accounted for before supplements and medications can be fully effective.

Those factors are exactly as stated above; any food that contains choline would be avoided by persons with excessive acetylcholine.

Foods to avoid when you have high/Excessive acetylcholine

*****In the past, some longecity users have suggested nutmeg as a ''treatment'' for high acetylcholine levels, however there is no basis to this, because while some components of nutmeg contain mild anticholinergic activity, its main actives including myristicin have potent anti-cholinesterase activity; boosting acetylcholine levels [6]

Guidelines for Treating a High-Acetylcholine State

  1. Its important to note that high acetylcholine levels are not necessarily an issue unless you are having symptoms or that it is impairing your daily activities, or in that is causing severe emotional distress or anhedonia.
  2. Its also important that lifestyle factors are given top priority since the dopamine:acetylcholine balance depends partially on exercise activity and overall diet.
  3. A high acetylcholine state typically leads to predominantly low norepinephrine type symptoms as well as low dopamine type symptoms, but they are more specific than that.
  4. If one has an excess acetylcholine then a valid indicator may be wild and vivid dreams.
  5. Treating the cause rather than the symptoms is the ultimate goal.

Supplements & Medications that may Help a High Acetylcholine State

  1. Forskolin [7]
  2. Glycine [8]
  3. Alpha-Lipoic Acid [9] [10]
  4. GABA [11]
  5. Kava [12]
Acetylcholine is linked to Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA, glutamate.....pretty much every other neurotransmitter out there, and with the exception of the last two recommendations, they all work in unique ways that are apart from influencing specific neuronal patterns. 

GABA & Kava are for more immediate relief, because GABA traditionally is responsible for putting the ''brakes'' on acetylcholine, whereas Kava is a sodium-channel blocker, in part, that may affect the rate of acetylcholine release & uptake.

Other possibilities that may help with excessive acetylcholine might be.....

Medications that may help a High Acetylcholine Level

*Wellbutrin, a well-known antidepressant is the most effective (and reasonable) temporary and even long-term antidote for excessive acetylcholine, not just because it blocks nicotinic receptors [13], but  because it enhances dopamine & noradrenaline which can then inhibit acetylcholine [14]. With this, especially if your principle symptom is Anhedonia you would get optimal relief and a double-whammy effect.

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