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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Analysis of Trump's Aggressive Style ; Does Donald Trump have a Real Shot at Winning the 2016 Election?

Ɖonald Țrump has some interesting roots; familial roots. He has Scottish ancestry on his Mother's Side; and his Father's side is from Germany. His Scottish roots are tied to the MacLeod clan; who's seat is the Dunvegan Castle and who's crest depicts a strong bull with horns   (1) (2) (3).  His family itself has legal experience, tons of Real Estate; and a business attitude passed down from generations(4) . He himself is incredibly wealthy, and influential; with a net worth of about 4.5 billion(5)

...While this is all remarkable, it doesn't guarantee his ascension to Office - nor that he will defeat all of his main rivals  (Clinton, Fiorina, Carson*). However  his aggressive, sort of generalized remarks often draw in helpful attention from his avid supporters....and those related to his business and to those miscellaneous fans not related to his business infrastructure. Trump's best qualities are his punctuality and tenacity. These qualities go a long way along with his 'different' presentation methods and sporting more Youthful energy as opposed to some other candidates. His energy and enthusiasm is the kind of 'friction' needed to better serve this country and NOT our enemies(6) (7).

..however, there are some 'off-points' as well.....

I find one of the Issues is Political Loyalty; he seems to be 'crossed' in some of his interests and his pro-abortion, mixed stance on Immigration and yet anti-vaccine elements of his motivations may lead to accelerated arguments which may also lead to hasty decisions, not well thought out, that may provoke a quick exchange followed by a deconstruction of loyalties or even liberties if the wind 'hits him right'. 

I'm also not so sure I agree with his idea of Policing Mosques.

...and that may be one example of how 'Event' can lead to assumptions which may then lead to wrongful or simply untimely persecution of various Peoples. 

O'Reilly has sternly pointed out that he marginalizes some issues (!)...and yet a further glance in terms of why he is less specific (SOMETIMES) with his true strategy / plan's - perhaps less Upfront in some ways - may reveal what some call to be 'Paranoia'(8)

...However, this is likely to be an argument by idiots anyhow. 

As people like to throw around the terms 'paranoid' and 'delusional' very's just another way to sport name-bashing without delivering an actual, logical resolve so as to support a given campaign. I'm all for intellect. I like Trump.

  However, While I agree with not revealing ALL OF HIS motto and plan's on TV often - I do think he should refine his presentation to sort of, indirectly elucidate on a multi-point level - how EXACTLY he will make things better than with past candidates and current potential candidates. The country certainly NEEDS change; but we have too many liars and con-artists who make it a POINT to factor in deceptive glances for the purposes of notoriety Solely.

 He needs to make it clear that his 'generalizations' are distinct from the generalizations of other candidates. 

Trump at first glance may seem self-proliferating but the good news is he's Already PROLIFERATED; and not by himself alone. 

So let's get to the Real CORE points and move on to more intimate examples.

Watch this video. 

As you can see.....

Ⱦrump  has a beyond adequate 'guard mechanism' for staying consistent; his vigilance and judgement is what sparks most of his interest. This is not to MINIMIZE his legitimacy  - but it's just a fact as to how and why people become drawn to him. Again, I have nothing against the Guy; he's a good candidate and I believe he understands the process more than some would think; even despite sometimes not making a super-good case for himself as shown below.

In spite of this however, I can say that his ego is not entirely distasteful. It is actually refreshing in a way - because he has the courage to stand up to issues and prove that other's aren't going to intimidate him into feelings helpless or weak in comparison. The fact that he monumentally immunizes himself against the tricky intimidation tactics of others shows a character based off of courage and solidarity . 

Again, I do think in instances such as the Video above though ; that he could have answered O'Reily's query in a more Pristine and comprehensive fashion. 
He doesn't have to say whether he directly supports Wall Street or whether he plans to ostracize corrupt individuals who may have, alleged, banking interests..but he could at least address four CORE points which BOTH the people and other politicians have touched on. Something like, "My strategy is a sharpened Quadrilateral with unprecedented momentum"..first I would ...etc - and then give small overviews of the points - being somewhat conservative on all the details but also being coherent enough to replace or supplement his usual rhetoric. 

  •  ECONOMY : If an economic strategy related to welfare program's or to leveling out the middle class is presented , by other participant's (aka candidates) then he could touch on this without being specific. He could write out (depict) an ideal scenario but one that is not too grandiose for 'the people' to understand. He could quickly observe a challenge (given his track record) to the current system; without completely defiling low-class accommodations - and thus find a happy-medium...and perhaps on the side, whittle away the disconcerted entities through other propositions or financial means. 
  • MILITARY : Military relates to our safety as Americans, but we already know we are the most powerful Military on Earth, don't we? So this is the most infatuating concept perhaps - but our actions in other countries should not always be intertangled with questionable communities and CERTAINLY we should not be sending our boys (and girls) over to un-necessary war zones (or wars in general). Trump has however, delivered a fairly good military strategy. He realizes that a 'soft-kill' for ISIS is a ridiculous maneuver and that propping up Iran is nothing more than doing a whole lotta ass-kissin! Trump should - at least balance out , in a certain ratio/proportion - the times to mention such analytical abyss with the times to maintain his motto of 'aggressive casuality'. 
  • IMMIGRATION - Certainly a hot point for Americans - especially as of recent, as it now involves our own personal Safety and Freedom to address the efflux of Immigrants entering our country. No while there has been some legal setbacks (               ) to Obama's campaign and reformations to the Immigration Policy have been perhaps scant in Obama's mind - the general issue is that we have since become largely, a country opening itself up to the shame's of passivity and neglect..and the Policies have to be regulated and return to some degree of dignity, fairness - and most of all REALITY. Yes, these policies should be reviewed by a Sane whether Trump is the MOST SANE to get it done - IDK - but he's sure better than many of the others...but I believe that these points should be re-addressed selectively.
  • FREEDOMS/2nd Amendment / BoR - Trump can press this button really hard; in fact, he already has! Long as he stands by this motto - supporting the original freedoms of Americans - then after that, it's just persistence ; leading a brave resolve and maintaining his grit while against 2nd amendment defilers and antagonists. Trump is a good face to put on Gun Rights; his strong-mind is a leap in the right direction!

 These are all just examples - of course..he doesn't have to mention the points necessary to be addressed in every.single.conversation with the Public; or while on a talk show. My only point is that he can certainly be the best Candidate - I just fear, or feel - that the general public and citizens - still need to, some extent, here examples of his resolve and techniques...obviously though - it is necessary not to reveal everything all the time to prevent infiltration or slimy counter-attacks by other, less honest candidates. 

All in all,  Trump's powerful measure of character and Charisma, and business experience gives him a 'dedicated knowledge' of financial links and economic structure. This is a huge advantage. I'm confident that he can do better Math than most than all of us - and find better strategies than many of what we thought were 'smart minds' could dream of.

 I think that overall, beyond Trump's aggressive  stance, is  an impressive intellect worthy of Presidency. 

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