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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Difference/s between Alpha-Male's and Psychopath's/Sociopath's

Many people think of Alpha-Males (the enduring, king of 'males) as one in the same as or having great similarities to; Psychopaths (remorseless self serving humans). However, the differences are more striking than the similarities, and much more important. 

First off...

                                           KEY POINTS

  • An alpha-male actually cares about , to some degree, his spouse and children. His methods of parenting may be stricter by contrast than a father with less testosterone but none the less - still has genuine concern (generally).  A Psychopath desires control foremost, and if he does value his offspring it is totally for a self-serving purpose or because he sees himself in the Child. 
  • An alpha generally man's up to take care of his Child; a psychopath usually* could care less.
  • Alpha-male's thus will defend (by force if necessary) their families and children from intruder's and will show little to no mercy on their adversaries or those who wish to take harm on them. 
  • A psychopath may defend his family but the intent is to reflect as a caring human being and keep up his image as 'normal'
  • Alpha-male's have excellent risk-assessment and take risks only after analyzing them thoroughly. Because of that, they are excellent at making business decisions and handling / attributing funds.


  • Alpha-Male's can be genuinely altruistic people who help those in need - and while they may spar and argue with other alpha's or those on the opposing side of a debate or fight - they take interest into helping the poor or needy and especially if a woman or girl is in danger or any kid / child is in danger. 
  • Psychopath's could care less and may even get aroused at the sight of danger, death or destruction. If a Psychopath happens to become altruistic or display valiant acts; it is not genuine and rather to boost their image or people's trust in them.
  • Alpha-Male's are generally logical, and they tell it like it is - they don't beat around the bush or make excuses for themselves, while Psychopath's make excuses all the time and are used to blaming their problems on someone else.
  • Alpha-Male's are workaholics but they do not need to lie or con to get the job done; they simply aim to be the best at what they do and are by contrast, the best in their field.
  • A Psychopath cons and lies to rise their position and usually engages in spiteful and deceptive behavior to challenge out and rid their opponents or whom they perceive as opponents.


  • Technically, it is possible to be both an Alpha-Male AND a Psychopath, at first glance..however, it's the internal desires that really set them apart so ultimately it's difficult to tell especially if both are in high-ranking positions; such as Politics. 
  • Alpha-Male's and Psychopath's do have some similar pathology but also very different, alpha-male's are very dominant people but their dominance is discriminative (only in certain scenario's where it is called for, such as work) whereas Psychopath's seem to like to pick fights and are generally very malicious characters.
  • This also highlight's , for example, the difference between a mob boss and say, a serial killer...a mob boss is more alpha-male like but have some exchange of psychopathic traits - however, their violence is channeled and generally, only when the situation 'calls for it' which case it is determined as 'protecting assets' and 'business' which is a method of territorial behavior passed down through primal instincts.
  • People like Ted Bundy on the other hand have a more linear, violent passion which is derived from their own specific compulsions which has not much if anything to do with monetary gain.
  • Another 'in popular culture' reference could be the difference between say Bugsy Siegel and The Joker from batman..Siegel being more alpha-male like and Joker being a complete psychopath. 
  • Psychopath's are not always violent though - in fact, most aren't..their main method of operation is simply stealing, lying, conning, and starting psychological wars between two people or simply getting on people's nerves. 


  • Alpha-Male's prefer , if not already committed, no-strings attached sexual relationships.. this may include hook-ups, flings, expensive call-girls etc....and as such.
  • Alpha-Male's are not content to 'wank' or 'jerk-off'' as they would rather go out and exert themselves with a real partner.  This does not mean they don't masturbate - it just means they prefer the 'real deal' for the majority of their sexual activities.
  •  Alpha-Male's do not blink much - they also don't flinch hardly at all - if at all - and don't scare easily. 
  • Alpha-Male's handle stress like a pro; they tackle it and move forward and keep moving forward nearly without hesitation - when they get knocked down they get back up - but most of the time they create circumstances to ensure they don't get knocked down in the first place. 
  • Alpha-Male's hold their head HIGH and can read people like a book - they can sense and dissect abrasive minds and can sense a coward and the fearful from a mile away. In other words - alpha-male's are super in-tune with their instincts and VERY Insightful..their analysis is rarely, if ever, biased and based on logic as opposed to personal feelings.

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