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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sometimes It's Just About Threshold - How Paranoia and Anxiety Grow On Despair & Fatigue Rather than on Mania (Ruminations are in Lethargy)

Many people seem to think that Paranoia is one in the same with  manic reaction - or is always associated with a 'fight-or-flight' state..but many times - it's the opposite . Tonight taught me that . 

Tonight taught me that a lack of awareness rather than hypervigilance can be the greatest precipitator of paranoia and 'odd-thoughts'...the remedy?

Oddly enough, it wasn't less Caffeine...or more rest, it was adding more of a different stimulant (that I thought would be too much)...instead of creating a worsening of fear and irritability - what was a little more than What I thought necessary actually 'snapped me outta it'...this proves that darkness and despair associated with SLEEP DEPRIVATION - and OCD type thoughts are more related to Fatigue and not being 'with-it'....and this does not mean that Stimulants are the ONLY solution - I'm just stating that sometimes it's a 'threshold'...a little bit of stim ain't enough but HOLY SHIT - a little more after that gave me clarity..sanity, and life again!

I'm not an addict. I'm just someone who often feels the need to be productive despite not getting much sleep the night before... I'm more a workaholic than anything... 

What I'm saying here is probably common sense to a lot of people...I'm just discussing it in a more formal way as a sort of, reinforcement to non-mainstream type for instance, some DOCS might say that more stimulant will make you more paranoid...but NOT IF sleep loss is the REASON for it...or maybe that's just me and a few others...


Point is, what I am privy to is an enlightening fact. I hope others can not take this as an absolute but at least take it into consideration....that sometimes biology is more a constant than psychology..but of course, sometimes it's the other way around!

So when I was in darkness , ruminations are strong - what I mean is - without clarity and vigilance..ruminations can take being aware and having some degree of sympathetic nervous system stimulation is necessary to actually AVERT ruminations (feelings that something is wrong or bad is going to happen, excessive negative thoughts). But, TOO MUCH STIMULATION reproduces a more MANIC , fidgety form of this whole scenario!

....but you can certainly be FATIGUED and not-so-aware and still have hand don't think that nervous system stimulation in excess is NECESSARY for tremors etc...and yet ironically then, too much stimulation can cause the same deal.....!


....but of course, I'm a I'm used to it and really not sorry !  ;)

Hope ya'll enjoyed this post and learned something from it!

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