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Friday, November 6, 2015

Arguments VS Actions : A Day of Diversity

Ⱥt first glance, my objectives and actions as a human may seem straightforward..if you assume everything has a linear incentive, that is. Initially, one may think the core of my writing is to simply convey a certain message . Initially, you can assume my intention is only to reflect my mindset on an audience...but the irony, is there will always be several different perceptions of my writing. I'm sure, that many will accept my writing as spirited, mind-opening, and creative. I also believe that the core arguments I make may cause people to 'think' a little harder about themselves and their purpose/s in life..but perhaps the most important points Are rendered by just the fact that man can see things in different perceptions ... and the realization of that fact elicited by my writing.

I write in sort of an abstract, often metaphorical context because It inspires deep thought and reinforces intellectual behavior..but the one thing that Most do not see - not just in my writing, and attitude & actions - is that the core objective is followed by supplemental objectives/reinforcements. It is abundantly clear to those that know me, that Everything I do - that is followed through on is not for just one reason, but many...

 If we were to narrate many people's lives - each of us would see things differently...and see possible extra objectives that others do not see. Some would favor the illusion though, that everything is what it seems even if it isn't and that is because the majority of average Joe's want to feel smart by conforming to the era of simplicity. 

For those open-minded though - they know that this consumed ILLUSION only creates biased arguments and thus bias is heavily influenced not just by emotions 'to consume' but bias is developed by too much self-reflection coupled with a very 'closed-in' detail oriented mindset. 

So when I write things like Expanding our Understanding of IntraSocietal Fear ; Collaboration of Distrust & Neglect Fuels Conflict

.....its PRIMARILY and CENTRALLY about exposing the flaws in common societal bias - and creating and exploring a 'larger view' as to human behavior and this includes violent or erratic acts...but of course, there are SUPPLEMENTAL reasons for the Piece - and those reasons include...

  • Informing Insights into how people can change; a bit indirectly perhaps.
  • Drawing the question 'on the board' as to whether it is necessary at a certain point to 'take action' versus make an argument

At the same time - as writing can be seen as a form of Art; especially when it is Abstract - Picasso's quote seems to stick . Maybe not the most assertive depiction; but certainly a brave justification for such Insights.

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