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Monday, November 30, 2015

Supplements and Herbs to Alleviate / Block Antihistamine Side-Effects (Naturally) Such as Memory Impairment and Fatigue (While still taking the Medication)

This article aims to compile a list of herbs and supplements that can minimize antihistamine sedation and cognitive impairment (memory issues). Because the mechanisms of these drugs are well-known - there are ways to counter their effects - however, by doing so - we may tend to reduce their sedative effects so supplementation should be timed in morning or mid-day time in order to key in a proper balance.

All suggestions are followed by citations/sources which clearly point out , without a doubt , that the function of the given supplement can directly oppose the impairment caused by the reference drug.

AntiHistamine's which penetrate the blood-brain-barrier (easier passing into the brain) are notorious and also honed for significant sedative effects. Anti-Psychotic drugs which are used to sedate aggressive Psychiatric patients also hold the aformentioned antihistamine property - which is the main reason for their sedative action/s.

So, how do we counter-act these effects?

A: By first gaining an understanding of how they work.

Antihistamines, also known as H(1) receptor antagonists - block histamine H1 receptors - that means they prevent your natural neurons from activating one of the most stimulating receptors in the brain.

Imagine a key and a lock - the key is your histamine, the lock is the receptor open the 'door' for histamine, your brain cell, to cooperate and work - it must open that door by fitting into the lock (receptor)  =-= once it turns the lock - histamine enters and does it's work!

Histamine speeds up the pace at which all other neurons communicate - and it increases and amplifies the voltage (electrical current) in the brain, antihistamines are blocking histamine from coming through the door and causing this effect. Thereby reducing voltage because the signal to increase voltage never order to reverse this...we need to temporarily reinstate histamine's actions by pushing the momentum enough to cause an overflow OR by activating another similar transmitter to histamine in the proper proportions. :)

The easiest way to do this is with an herb called GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT. {see study here or click image below to ENLARGE}

The best brand of Ginkgo I have found is listed below for your convenience.

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