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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Night is My Empowerment; the Symphony of my Soul; the Harmony of my Abyss (Prayer / Poem for The People of the Night)

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They say that the Night is my most redeeming time, they say that My mind is in allignment with the Core force of which others can not see....they say that the night is my empowerment ; it is the Symphony of my Sou'lL , the harmony of my Abyss. .... ,,,

they say that when I rise, my ascension is a peaceful demise, they say that my power is a Cerulean mind, one fully summarized - they say that my ignition is the shadow of mystery, my illusion is the vendetta of history, my conclusion, is the motto of Victory. My consolidation is pristine, my altitude is serene, and my end-game is unseen.


I am us, I am all, we are us, we are all So let us, do not forget Us; People of the Night as we are the power and prosperity, peace and not disparity, the power of which we pitch
the power of the lores and the powers of the rich
the power of the poor and the powers in which we switch
the power that sums up that which makes your soul twitch
the power that rolls the power of the witch

the power that gives us what we wish...

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